Can you think a mortal sin?


Must a mortal sin be an action outside your mind or can one pursue a thought in their mind that is evil enough to be a mortal sin, even if they do not translate it to reality?



Lust can certainly be limited to one’s mind


Then me, along with many others are committing a lot of mortal sins! Surely lust cannot be a mortal sin on its own. Does that mean so many people are dying in the state of mortal sin and it is deciding their eternity?


“But I say to you, That whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Matthew 5:28


I would add thoughts and feelings of hate, anger, unwillingness to forgive, envy, and pride can be serious as well.


The most serious sins are sins of the mind! Two very serious examples, what if you seriously sat down and figures out why you hate God. Or, you make yourself believe that you can’t be forgiven. Very serious sins against the Holy Spirit.


well, if you were not aware you were committing a serious sin, then it isn’t mortal by definition. You need knowledge and consent in order for a grave matter to be a mortal sin.


If you entertain these thoughts and know it is wrong and really want to hurt God by going against His will, yes.


We aren’t talking about passing thoughts. We all get lustful thoughts, angry thoughts, ugly thoughts. It is when you choose to dwell on them deliberately and encourage them, that is when you are getting into sin territory.


Just curious but what if this woman ends up being your future wife? Isn’t this kind of an initial law of attraction. I guess you can look at of women of great beauty without lusting.



It’s “wow, she’s a beautiful creation of God!”
“Wow, what I would do with her… (nsfw thoughts following)”


Having “dirty” thoughts is normal. Most of us have sex thoughts, desires—it is part of being human.

It is when you encourage them, deliberately dwell on them, call them up in order to get aroused, etc that you cross the line.





Blasphemy. Mortal sin is an action a person takes to deliberately separate themselves from God. It can be as simple as thinking and deciding in your mind to leave him.


You can, but I think it would have to be a very deliberately consented to thought. Not an intrusive thought or one you didn’t actively cultivate and deliberately encourage.


It seems that much of the sin relies on the “full knowledge” aspect of mortal sin. Does this mean Catholics are more likely to go to Hell if they are weak and commit lust because they know it is wrong, where non Catholics would be exempt from the “full knowledge” aspect and thus not fall due to a mortal sin of lust?


@YIRI-U-RIHO Both Catholics and non Catholics commit the same sin. It’s sinful no matter who it is. However, God’s mercy takes into account their ignorance of mortal sin and venial sin, and the way they view the forgiveness of sins as a whole. Because we have the truth and are fully aware of it, there is a greater responsibility in that (as it should be). It all is according to our Lord, who is all-powerful and is perfectly just and merciful!


Yes sins, venial and mortal, can be in thought, word, or deed.


Also, God takes into account our weaknesses and our accidents. It’s different when you commit a mortal sin willingly, against the commands of God. I can choose to lust right now knowing it is wrong, and that is a mortal sin. If it accidentally pops into my mind, that is different. Sin is always a choice, for the devil only needs our consent.

Don’t be so concerned about who is and isn’t going to Hell. If you commit a mortal sin (your willfully knowledgable choice) and die in that state, you go to Hell. If you die in a state of grace, you don’t. Even then, it is all according to the Lord’s mercy and justice. Just focus on being holy and frequenting the Sacraments, especially Confession (with a examination of consciencd prior to), and pray that God gives you the grace to overcome sin.

Never be afraid as well to remind yourself that God creates Hell out of His deep love for us.


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