Can you throw any light on "agape"?

I received this and want to give this girl - who is such a devout Christian (not Catholic - loves our Pope John Paul II) the best possible answer. I know she will become Catholic soon. Her Father in Love has become Catholic and I know they were surprised and/or shocked so they are, although deeply entrenched in their Protestant Christian love for God, seeking!!! Help me with this! I will tell her about Catholic Answers soon. Terry saying thanks

" I just know you’re the right person to answer this question for me!* I was looking in the dictionary for the denotation of the word “Agape”, as in the agape love of Christ when I came across a curious meaning…the third meaning was this “In the early Christian church, the love feast accompanied by Eucharist Celebration”.* Now while I have certainly heard of the Eucharist (although any insight you can give me into that would be great), I had not heard of an accompanying “love feast”.* Can you help??"

Dear Terry,

This link will give you the info you want: [LIST]
*]Agape[/LIST]Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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