Can you wear white to a priest's funeral?

I know this might sound like a silly question but I recently saw a show where the local priest died and they all wore white to his funeral. Is this the appropriate color to wear or would you still wear the traditional black? You see the priest at my church just passed away, may he rest in peace, and they will be holding his funeral here at our church. I wanted to know which color is correct to wear.

The Church does not legislate which colors lay congregants wear to liturgies; the Church only legislates the appropriate color for the liturgical vestments that the ministers wear. In the case of a funeral, both white and black are legitimate options for the liturgical vestments.

Western society, on the other hand, does still hold to the custom that black is the traditional color of mourning and therefore the traditional color people wear to a funeral. You sometimes hear grieving families ask everyone not to wear black, or to wear the deceased’s favorite color. While you can accommodate such a request if you wish, keep in mind that it should be given to attendees merely as a preference, and that you are free to dress in whatever clothes you have that are suitable for mourning.

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