Can your family have a Family Saint?


Someone I know is getting married soon and was asking if I have ever heard of a family having a family saint. I wasn’t sure on this one. How do you get a family saint? Is it possible? Can the priest do something like that at a wedding. If they are getting married and have a saint to watch over them as a family now?

Any help is appreciated.


We chose a patron saint for our family. We had a family meeting and discussed it, then dh and I and each of the kids read our saints books. Each of us selected a saint and then held another family meeting at which we took turns giving a biography of the saint we nominated and then stating why we believed that particular saint was the most appropriate one to be our family’s patron saint. Then we voted. We ended up choosing St. MIchael the Archangel. We each wear a St. Michael medal, we have a St. Michael plaque in our foyer, and every night during family prayers we end with the prayer to St.Michael.

It never occurred to us that we couldn’t have a patron saint – why not?


This is standard practice in Serbian Orthodoxy. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be OK in RC too. :slight_smile:


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