Canada: 1st pigs found with new swine flu virus

OTTAWA (AP) — Pigs on a Canadian farm have been infected with the new swine flu virus — apparently by a farm worker back from Mexico — and are under quarantine, officials said Saturday. It is the first known case of pigs having the virus.

But officials quickly urged caution. Swine flu regularly causes outbreaks in pigs, and the pigs do not pose a food safety risk, Dr. Brian Evans, executive vice president with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, told a news conference.

The officials said the pigs in the province of Alberta were thought to be infected by a Canadian farm worker who recently visited Mexico and got sick after returning to Canada.

Human to pig jump

Like most disasters, this one is also hopefully opening our eyes to the world around us. In this case, to the terrible factories our food is being grown in.

But just to be clear, the ‘caution’ being urged is for level headedness and a moment of your time to understand the normal circumstances we’ve come to accept.

The story goes on to clarify:

“Whatever virus these pigs were exposed to is behaving in that exact manner as those we regularly see circulating in North America and in swine herds in virtually every nation around the world,” Evans said.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, studies have shown that swine flu is common throughout pig populations worldwide, with 25 percent of animals showing antibody evidence of infection.

Wait a minute here, I thought this flu was a human to human virus?:confused:

This is the first human to pig jump on this virus that I have seen reported. If it can jump from human to pigs, it probably can jump from pigs to humans.

Remember this virus is a swine/bird/human virus. If it can jump to pigs, can it jump to birds as well?

With the fact that the virus can live on a counter top for 24 hours, we could have thousands/millions sick at one time in a couple of months.

We have not seen that before in our lifetimes.

Oh ok, thank you.

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