Canada: "Alberta Government Reacts to Catholic Schools' Stance on Sex Education." (Will Command Catholic Schools to Give Their Children Favorable Views on Gay Life, Contraception.)

The Catholic school superintendents there, opposed to changes in school curriculum the province is planning, said their schools "would not teach anything that promotes homosexual relationships or lifestyles ‘contrary to church teaching.’"
The province’s education minister that that such a refusal is “completely unacceptable”… “Any alternative sex education curriculum created by the Catholic school officials would not be taught,” said the province’s premier.

Alberta is one of Canada’s ten provinces. Four million people live in this western province of Canada.

Sounds like Catholic schools there will have to become private schools just like American Catholic schools. It’s very sad the Church is under attack like this. We must continue to “pray always”.

Is Canada the same as the US though in regards to private schools? Or can they still compel them to teach certain things despite not taking public funds? When I learned a few years ago that Canada and the UK had publicly funded religious schools, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was neat that some governments were willing to fund schools but not dictate policy. Seems I was wrong.

Honestly, and sadly, I can easily see us in 50yrs living in a society where “religious freedom” means you get to call yourself a catholic or christian without legal repercussion, but actually practicing many aspects of the faith will be illegal. I can see all tax-exempt status lost for being “bigoted”, catholic hospitals compelled to conduct abortions, euthanasia, and other procedures, churches compelled to conduct same sex weddings, conscious rights totally voided,
the Bible sold with disclaimers like Huckleberry Fin, etc all in an effort to promote “equality” over liberty. Religion and religious life increasingly legislated into the corners of society. Not saying I expect it but it wouldn’t surprise me the way things have been going. :pensive:

In the US private schools have the freedom to teach whatever they want as far as religion. I’m sure if a school was training kids to be terrorists it would be shut down, but Catholic schools can teach according to the faith, including the evils of abortion, euthanasia, and gay marriage. The moment public funding is involved though they cannot talk about religion except in a neutral way (e.g. Survey of World Religions). This is one of the main stumbling blocks facing school vouchers. If each family got $5,000 per child to attend whatever school the parents want, some parents would be sending their children to religious schools, hence public money funding religious education. Secularists won’t allow that.

Imagining the worst will just lead to discouragement. Instead, do your part to spread the faith and promote religious freedom. Then let God handle the rest. These are big problems that no single person can solve on their own. Offer up any concerns you have to God. He gives us all the strength to continue in Jesus’ footsteps as the light of the world.

I’m not worried. The Alberta NDP is a flash-in-the-pan because the right was divided in the last election. Nobody will admit to voting for them. Now that the two right-wing parties have merged, Alberta should return to its regularly scheduled programming in the next election :wink:

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Far out.

The enemy is allowed to advance right up to the gate while constantly reassuring us they want peace, then they deprive us of provisions, and then they attack us while on the retreat.

This sort of thing is no different to the rise of Nazism or Communism, they too came after the private schools like this, because they needed to control education, once a society accepts the sinister lie of ‘marriage equality’, private schools who don’t toe the line are teaching hatred, homophobia and bigotry and can be shut down.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”


Their argument loses muster when the schools and government aren’t joined at the hip.

Free speech for all intensive purposes is dead in Canada for Christians legally.

This is what happens when you get into bed with government.

We should all remember that the next time Church officials endorse government health care plans.

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The wisdom of those greats like Ronald Reagan is really becoming apparent in Countries like Australia and Canada (Canada much more so since Australia hasn’t put this folly into law yet, I think we are the last of the western countries to hold out against this revolution on marriage and the family).

If the Government is big enough to give you what you need, it’s also big enough to take it all away. Since the Catholic Schools probably rely heavily on government funding, the threat of taking it away could be enough to close them entirely or enough to make them cave to whatever evil demands. They are already weak having myself gone through a Public and Catholic School and not noticing a great difference other than we said ‘our lady of the rosary, pray for us’ before class rarely but no longer in the last two years, where they didn’t teach Catholicism but rather Islam and aboriginal spirituality (paganism). Oh and they certainly didn’t mention anything negative about Islam, it was only neutral stuff like the 5 pillars and Hajj etc.

Like I said to my Priest, if it was up to the Catholic Schools for my Catholicism, I wouldn’t be Catholic.

But then again, in a democracy, if that’s the way the majority rule, then whether they were in bed with the government or not, persecution will be on it’s way.

Scary thought and even more scary that if this plebiscite returns a ‘yes’ result, that’s exactly what will happen, as Catholic schools will be pressured to indoctrinate the youth with this folly of gender theory, which teaches kids to basically hate the Churches teachings on marriage and family and our persecution will be on it’s way. :frowning:

In the market for a good smartphone at the moment, do I really want a personal tracking device in this day and age? I’ll see what the plebiscite returns.

So relieved that Trump won, now I just need other western nations like mine to turn around and reject this folly like you guys did when electing Trump, very scary how close Clinton was to winning.

‘Jesus, I trust in you’

God Bless You SuperLuigi :slight_smile:

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This is what our prov Gov’t is trying to legislate… “BILL 24”

On Thursday November 2nd, Minister Eggen introduced Bill 24, which would - if passed - enforce secrecy, strip professional decision-making authority, remove sexual content opt-out provisions and replace a parent’s loving care with the strong arm of the state, all under the coercion, consultation and supervision of a select few.
After reading the proposed legislation, we have identified the following five key concerns.

  1. Enforced secrecy with no stated exceptions
    Bill 24 states that parent notification would be limited only to the fact that a club will be established or an associated school-wide activity will take place:
    (6) The principal is responsible for ensuring that notification, if any, respecting a voluntary student organization or an activity referred to in subsection (1) is limited to the fact of the establishment of the organization or the holding of the activity (Page 2-Bill 24)
    This means that school staff would be legally forbidden to share information with parents when it comes to their own individual child’s participation in these clubs or activities.
    Legislating this one-size-fits-all approach ignores the unique, local circumstances where school staff must have the professional decision-making authority to accommodate the genuine diversity of student needs in Alberta schools, including, but not limited to:
  • age (this proposed legislation applies to students as young as five)
  • past trauma
  • special needs (for example, autism)
  • mental health (self harm or suicidal ideation)
  • faith or cultural considerations
  • language barriers for English language learners
  1. Notification/opt-out for sexual content removed for student-led clubs and activities
    Currently, section 50.1(1) of the School Act states that:
    A board shall provide notice to a parent of a student where courses of study, educational programs or instructional materials, or instruction or exercises, include subject-matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion or human sexuality.
    However, Bill 24 would amend this section to exempt student organizations or activities from this same notification/opt-out provision:
    Section 50.1 is amended by adding the following after subsection (3): (4) For greater certainty, this section does not apply with respect to the establishment or operation of a voluntary student organization referred to in section 16.1 or the organizing or holding of an activity referred to in section 16.1. (Page 7-Bill 24)
    This means that if your K-12 child is exposed to sexual content during GSA clubs or GSA sponsored school activities you, the parent, would be kept in the dark.
    This is extremely alarming, given that the Alberta GSA Network, organized by the provincial “experts” at the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS), directed K-12 children to community supports with sexually graphic material and resources.
    Disturbingly, these are the very same individuals pushing the government for these legislative changes to isolate children.
    Albertans deserve to know that experts from iSMSS have continued to deem resources such as the Sex A-Z Zebra Cards as appropriate for certain populations of youth, even after concerns were raised regarding access to this specific resource via the GSA Network website.
  2. Bill 24 enforces not just clubs, but also school “activities"
    Bill 24 amendments would not only pertain to clubs in schools, but would also extend to associated school-wide activities, including assemblies, plays and performances.
    Principals are forced to “immediately grant permission” to these activities at the school or risk legal repercussions if they do not comply, thereby stripping principals of professional decision-making authority in schools:
    Section 16.1 is amended (a) in subsection (1) (i) by repealing clause (a) and substituting the following: (a) immediately grant permission for the establishment of the student organization or the holding of the activity at the school, and (ii) in clause (b) by adding “subject to subsection (4), within a reasonable time from the date that the principal receives the request” before “designate”; (b) in subsection (3) by adding “or activity” after “the organization” (Page 1-Bill 24)

I think that even if I approved of homosexual activities, I would be angry as a parent, to be kept in the dark about these clubs and their membership.
I mean, I’m allowed to see the football game or the school play…

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