Canada and government subsidized heroin?


I thank you for stopping by with your obvious knowledge of this issue. I am was a nurse for many years and agree with you completely. To be against the Methadone treatment issues is probably someone not close to the issue of opioid addiction and I hope they will read your link to see how important the issues are.

God bless you Spyridon for using your knowledge to help others.

Others who have “been there , done that” are our best witnesses to effectiveness of such programs and Methadone programs…


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Really, because I’m not politically correct about some topics? [/quote]

I think it’s because you appear to lack any real compassion. Do you think Jesus would have told a heroin addict “sod off and get dry you druggy”?


No I do not, I also don’t think He would give him a bunch of heroin and say ‘go in peace’.

Thank you for reading.


How do you know. Surely Jesus would understand the massive changes to receptors in neurons of heroin addicts and understand the compulsion is primarily a biochemical one, and forcing them into rehab isn’t likely to be successful on its own. He’d know that such attempts in the past have been terrible failures, and the first thing to take care of would be making sure they actually could survive long enough for their addiction and other underlying issues were dealt with.


Because Jesus came to redeem not accommodate.


And another tiresome appeal to authority.

If you were a nurse, then you would know that as opiates have similar effects to endorphins, long-term use of opiates significantly alters the chemistry of the brain, altering response by neurons to certain neurotransmitters, making opiate addiction a biochemical problem.

You would know that from your medical training, right?


Well, I seem to remember passages talking about knowing folks by their fruit, and not feeding people if they won’t work.

And, atheist, you are wrong. I have seen what druggies do from the other side of the fence. I have compassion for people, just not for people who voluntarily put things into their bodies. I have compassion for the people who have suffered from their depredations. The people who come in and talk about how they lost their house, their job, etc. because some druggy decided to steal the very tools they need to work. The people who have lost a father because some drunk got really mad and shot him to death.

The children who get neglected because mommy and/or daddy are too strung out to know what to do, and the kid is wandering around outside in subfreezing temperatures in a pee and poop filled diaper. The children who are beat to hell or abused in other ways because mommy or daddy is pissed about them doing something and now they can’t get high when they wanted to. The children who get raped because mommy’s pimping them out to her drug dealer friends in exchange for some hits of her drug of choice.

Those are the people I have compassion for. If you are dumb enough to buy a baggy of who knows what from “Joe” on the street corner and consume/ingest/inhale/inject it, you kind of get what you deserve. If you think it’s a great idea to play on the railroad tracks, don’t complain when the approaching freight train treats you like a zucchini in a mandolin.


I think that’s a good way of viewing it, and what are they victims of? victims of their enablers. The ones who introduced them to it and encouraged them in that habit.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.


It’s fascinating how your compassion has such sharp boundaries. I remember Matthew 13 where Jesus specifically kicks the prostitutes out the door and refuses to dine with them.


I remember Jesus saying this as noted below, New International Version

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

New Living Translation](http://)

You know sometimes I am sad when I read these posts regarding addiction to heroin speaking as a nurse. We have people who come here asking for help with all sorts of “sins” such as masturbation, porn, adultery, missing Mass, etc and yet when it comes to heroin addiction I do not see the empathetic responses I see for other such issues.

Addiction is an issue that is effecting many families. It is taking the lives of our children brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers etc. Shouldn’t we have more compassion and willingness to work to solve the great and pressing issue of opiate addiction that is crippling our nation.


Because this is not about ultimately getting people off drugs, this instead is about government accepting drug usage and trying to make it ‘safe’ whatever that means.

So thus there needs to be a war on drugs to reduce the production, availability and profiteering of drugs?

Of course. But it must be with the understanding that we are trying to get people off the drugs rather then making it ‘safe’.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.


If this war was going to have success, it would have had success years ago. It is an abject failure, and a costly one in lives and coin.


Missing a Mass, and the other stuff, doesn’t tend to directly lead to criminality. Heroin usages tends to do so.

I wonder if anybody is proposing government sponsored “free porn” locations where people can get their fix of whatever porn they want. Or, “free brothels” where people can commit adultery whenever, wherever, and however they want to? Free private masturbation booths?

If we aren’t going to do that, why should heroin addiction be any different?

Thing about druggies, psychopaths, and their ilk: they always play the “give me compassion” card, and, no matter how much compassion, or other stuff you give then, it’s never enough and “you” are always the reason why they are what they are.


I question the accommodative approach being adopted because of this:
Quick read (summarises NPR link):

More in-depth:


It was. Those who want help should get it, those who produce and deal in drugs must be stopped.

Not true, and your free reign alternatives will be infinitely worse.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”


You must have been a wonderful nurse. Your compassion is heartwarming.


Worse than the opiate plague on North American streets now? Really, how?


You had Obama for 8 years spouting this same kind of nonsense.


It’s happening up here in Canada as well, so how exactly is it Obama’s fault? Or is it just a default view of being a Catholic Conservative to blame President Obama?


Didn’t know you were referring to Canada, and in that case with Trudeau, I would not be surprised.

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