Canada and government subsidized heroin?


Unless it’s through a rehab program to help with dangerous withdrawal symptoms (and you would never use heroin for that, you would use some other drugs that other posters have mentioned), then no way. Anyone who wants to do away with the war on drugs will cause irreparable harm, I don’t mean to be insensitive, but how did you’re daughter get started on the drugs in the first place?

My guess for most people would be a poor group of school friends, then into the party scene, during which time they are desensitized to it along the way (as a friend is probably already using) and then they are offered a taste.

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No way what? No way the program could apply to a narrow group of subjects without being made legal generally? Remember, that’s all I was claiming at that point - that the program does not imply legalization. I was not defending the overall wisdom of such a program. I have many of the same doubts about its effectiveness as you apparently do.

I don’t mind the question. In another context I would probably share the whole story, but I hate to generalize our experience. Each one is unique. We all find it easier to empathize with individuals that we know by name. Empathizing with a large group of nameless and faceless addicts is much harder, as some of the comments on this thread illustrate. Although it wasn’t our daughter’s case, a rising cause these days is people who were given prescription pain killers and found themselves addicted when the prescription ran out. If the purpose of asking how people got started is to help figure out how to prevent others from starting, I am all for that! If the purpose of asking is to determine how much culpability we can assign and where we can lay the blame so as to excuse ourselves for offering any help, I am very much against that.


One thing I always consider is like what Portugal did. Decriminalize all drugs. Then, those who need the help cannot be cast into prison like some sort of riffraff. No human person is riffraff. Decriminalization removes the compulsion towards darkness; the underground, the forbidden. The counter-culture becomes more clockwise.


This is worth considering:
In the end, real prevention is the most important thing. We see this in places like South Korea or Japan. Sadly, our culture no longer allows this.


He has a good article in First Things about addiction. Brilliant man.


I don’t agree with him on that but it does remind people to re-examine things.


The former (I understand why you don’t want to answer and feel free not to). Because like I said, without the war on drugs, addicts and suppliers can go around unabated introducing others to the drug.

As for those addicted from pain medication, nowhere have I heard of something like heroin being a part of pain medication in Canada, or Australia or the USA.

That’s exactly what they said about abortion, now look where it is. That argument I know is bogus and will cause tremendous harm.

It should still be criminalized, but instead of prison it should be rehab or other such programs. The suppliers and dealers need to be arrested to stop the supply chain.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

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Thing is, that’s actually how you get off prescription medications that cause addiction - you slowly wean someone off of the chemical.


Oh cool, good to see a fellow Vancouverite.

Here’s what I say: if Mayor Moonbeam got elect once more, just give up and move to Langley.


I am sorry if this has already been asked but for those areas that have government drug distribution, is there a program to gradually reduce the dosage to zero?

Thankfully I have not had much experience with such a thing but in Australia I do hear the comment that once someone goes on such a program they are there for life.



So what do South Korea or Japan do differently? I don’t think it’s common knowledge, as you seem to have assumed.


Illegal drug use isn’t glorified or tolerated and laws are actually enforced. Many aspects of their cultures are superior to ours. Unfortunately, some signs of erosion are showing and that’s due to the growing popularity of American pop culture and spreading it’s moral diseases to those countries.


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