Canada: "Bishop Henry Won't Apologize for Post Bashing Government's Transgender Guidelines."


A few days ago Alberta’s Bishop Henry issued a pastoral letter assailing the transgender-favorable requirements which the provincial government intends implementing at the province’s schools, including its Catholic schools. After the local media gave much attention to the bishop’s strong repudiation of these requirement, he now has issued another piece on the website of his diocese in which he says “if you are reading this piece in the hopes of discovering an apology or a retraction, you might as well stop reading right now. That’s simply not going to happen.” Then he goes on giving reasons of faith for his stand against these transgender policies.
Transgender students are students of one sex saying that they actually members of the other sex.
According to another news report, which is linked below, the government’s “guidelines allow transgender students which bathrooms to use, which sports teams to play on, and which pronouns to which they should be referred.”


God bless the good bishop for standing up against this madness.


I know we have “issues” in the U.S. but sometimes I wonder what Canadians are drinking!


Amen. :slight_smile:




The same leftist kool-aid that is being served in most of the liberal states in the U.S


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