Canada: "Calgary's Bishop Condemns 'Totalitarian' Plan for LGBTQ Rules in Schools."


The government of the Canadian province of Alberta has unveiled prescriptions by which schools there, including Catholic schools, will be required to accept gay and transgender life. And so if a boy perceives he is a girl, he can go into a girls’ bathroom to use it. A Catholic bishop there is speaking out against these prescriptions in very strong terms, saying in a pastoral letter that this edict smacks of relativism and forcefully imposes a narrow-minded and anti-Catholic ideology.

(The bishop’s pastoral letter is at )


I hope the right people pay attention. The letter is going out through the Bulletin in at least one parish, and I hope every Catholic principal reads it, as well.


This is a very interesting development, and one which was always coming.
Hopefully, here in Australia, where we will have a referendum on same-sex marriage this year, the majority of the voters get to hear about this.
Many here are sympathetic to the crying homosexuals on TV pleading: “Why can’t I get married. What difference does it make to you?”
Well Canada is giving the perfect response.
The normalisation and promotion of homosexuality, through same-sex marriage, will have untold implications on society.
Hopefully Australia will learn from other Western countries’ mistakes.


Power - a nasty word. From the article:

“Power as a monolithic ideology is another lie which accentuates narrow-mindedness and seeks dominance over others. Consequently, social trust, the root and fruit of love is eroded.”

Social trust has been eroded. At this point, sexual tribalism is the goal. The Dictatorship of Relativism is just that, a dictatorship.



Speaking from the US, the cry of “Why can’t I get married” didn’t end with a marriage license. Oh no. Gay wedding? A florist or baker or photographer refuses their services and legal action follows. Your schools will have storybooks for children showing gay marriage as normative. TV programs will casually include gay husbands or bisexual wives if they haven’t already.

If it was just two men or two women saying they were married and going about their lives, what will you tell your children? Will your children be told that any type of sexual desire or encounter is good or neutral? No one likes to be forced.

I see being sympathetic as a good trait but not if it is applied without knowing what marriage really means and has meant for thousands of years, then why should two men or two women get married? In the US, benefits were mentioned, but when states tried to give these benefits to gay couples without the word marriage, one LGBT site claimed that that would make them ‘second-class citizens.’ So gay marriage is not possible in a real sense even though it is legal.

And the next phase is gender identity. If a boy or girl in school feels they are actually the opposite sex then they can legally use a girls’ restroom even though they are clearly boys. Then groups will be formed in schools so that gay and straight students can interact, but that’s not all. You may have heard the term “diversity day,” where all sorts of good and bad things are presented as 'we’re all different but that’s OK." Just use common sense. Not bullying a classmate for being gay is one thing but for young people whose knowledge of the outside world - the real world - is limited, such groups can cause confusion or even lead to invitations.

This is a situation where friendships and true, committed love boil down to 'any sex is good regardless of the mix and match number of partners." That’s the end goal. And here, right as the gay marriage finish line was in sight, the fight for ‘gay divorce’ began.

And civil rights?

Just be honest.

I wish bullying other kids for being overweight, or to show your power to “persuade” them to give you money or just for upsetting other kids by disrespecting the pecking order in schools should have ended decades ago - for everybody. Teenagers would get into fistfights to show their strength or prove they were “real men.” Ending that would have made schools better for all decades ago. But it seems it was not a high priority until LGBT propaganda hit at every level of society.



If “a boy perceives he is a girl,” perhaps the accuracy of his perception ought to be tested against the reality.

And if a school system perceives itself to be a means of totalitarian thought control, perhaps parental revolt is in order.


Technically it’s not the school system - it’s the government’s Education Ministry that is demanding this. The school systems are just as alarmed as the Bishop is - especially the Catholic systems.


It’s definitely causing conversations. Most of them sound like, “I’m not normally a fan of the Bishop, but this time he seems to have a good point.”


Unless of course you read or listen to the CBC. Most media outlets are showing there true colors and are making our Bishop out to be bigot homophobic %$$#@^.

I have a 9 yr old girl in a Catholic School… this new gov’t makes me feel like puking in my mouth!:frowning:


Oh why don’t they learn new words? And learn how to apply their correct meaning. The definition of a bigot: “Someone extremely intolerant of another’s beliefs, religion, etc.” Hmmm… And as for “Homophobic”, not even a real word…sorry.:o;):rolleyes:


Oh my! I have no words…


Not really, please read this link


This is what a leftist government does.


There is not a Catholic University in Alberta so many teachers in Catholic Schools are Secular. Nevertheless there is a mandate they agree to. Separate schools here have Constitutional protections and the Supreme Court decision is that Catholic schools can teach their faith in their own way. Bishop Henry is awesome.


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