Canada: "Catholic Hospitals Adamant They Won't Kill Patients."

As a move is being made in the national legislature that would require all health care institutions to carry out assisted suicide, Catholic hospitals, Catholic nursing homes, and Catholic health centers aren’t having it, and are saying they will not do it.

“Ontario’s 2006 Local Health System Integration Act specifically ensures religious organizations are not required to provide a service that is contrary to their mission and values. It also guarantees rights of conscience for those who work in health care will be respected.
The Catholic Health Sponsors do envision a “protocol for safe transfer of care when a person, after receiving relevant information to support the process of informed consent, chooses to receive care elsewhere.”
“Assisted death is morally incompatible with the mission and values of our Catholic health providers,” said the Catholic Health Sponsors. “We will not abandon the person in our care. We believe that supporting those patients who are vulnerable with a non-judgmental, non-coercive approach will assist them to question their request for assisted death and to explore other alternative forms of medical care.””

So no abortions neither :slight_smile:

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