Canada Evacuating 8000 People by Air as massive wildfire continues to grow

We need to give some attention to this tragedy occurring right next door! The pictures that have been shown are truly terrible, terrible. I know the United States will help but this is so big it seems the fire will have its way no matter what!

These people need help - and news of what we are doing should be top priority!

Such a scary situation. Prayers for the much-needed rain to appear very soon.


Sadly, I don’t think we have the planes or the people to put out something that size! We have hideous troubles ourselves every year in California.

I pray for those poor people who are loosing everything. That is such a beautiful part of Canada.

Praying for the safety & well being of all.

In the previous days some 88,000 people had been evacuated from Ft. McMurray by the only highway leading south from the city:

This will probably end up being the worst wildfire in Canada’s history and may end up levelling the town. I live next to a city of 62,000 and can’t wrap my head around a city that size being destroyed. It boggles the mind.

The good news is that loss of life has been minimal, just a traffic accident or two and no human deaths attributed to the fire itself though numerous pets had to be left behind.

Thank God the loss of life has not been much worse! Is rain expected? Wonderful if it gets there quick.

Wouldn’t that be eleven times the number in the title of this thread? Has the number increased, or did the title contain a typo?


There was a “Keystone XL” pipeline proposal, and controversy about the environmental effects, hazards associated with transporting oil a long distance, and the conflict with the stated policy of having a major, long-term transition to renewable energy.

Perhaps it would be worthwhile to now consider building a pipeline designed to bring large quantities of water from the Pacific ocean to the province Alberta in Canada. If there were a way to quickly and inexpensively neutralize the salt, then it could be used to actually fight the main fire with water. That would be helpful, because wet weather conditions don’t always arrive on schedule. It would be like irrigation of crops, but more sudden, like a flash flood rather than a light rain.

For human consumption, addition of an appropriate quantity of potassium can neutralize the effect of common “table salt” (i.e. sodium chloride). Does anybody know what additives are appropriate to make salty water suitable for use in forests, to avoid killing the trees and other vegetation?

Of course, a pipeline to transport ocean water would need an inner lining of some substance to prevent chemical interaction and corrosion that would be promoted by interaction between metal and salty water.

If global warming occurs, and there is a movement of people towards the north, then northern populations would increase and they would be motivated to increase the amount of food grown there. A major water pipeline would supply water that could be used for irrigation, even if in the short-term that infrastructure is used primarily to protect forests, oil extraction operations, and communities near the oil extraction operations.

The 88k were evacuated by road. Some are stuck North of Ft. McMurray, I think those are the ones being airlifted.

About 25,000 of the original evacuees headed north and were put up in the work camps, some of which had been left vacant due to the slow down in oil production caused by the slump in prices…

Now those same work camps are being shut down and those folks are in turn being evacuated.

I guess we need to pray for rain so they can try to get a handle on this fire! I can’t imagine fighting a fire this size.

It doubled in size yesterday and now is approaching the Saskatchewan border. We need the kind of rain they had at the Kentucky derby yesterday and we need it to last at least 24 hours.

has their been loss of life or property? I haven’t seen much news so I am not familiar with the area. I can’t imagine having to evacuate so
many people.

Entire neighborhoods went up in flames. The last count said 1600 buildings were destroyed, that included a hotel, apartment buildings and single family dwellings. Since then the fire increased but I haven’t heard an updated count.

This is Fort Mac, as it’s affectionately called, before the fire.

Here’s post fire in some neighborhoods

The only loss of life resulted from a car accident during the evacuation. At the time traffic was running at average highway speed and two young people in an SUV collided with a tractor trailer. The crash resulted in an inferno and both young people died at the scene.

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