Canada Is Building a Trail That Measures Almost 15,000 Miles


**Do you like to hike? If your answer is yes, consider booking a trip to Canada for 2017. But you might want to pack a few extra pairs of hiking boots—as Eillie Anzilotti reports for CityLab, Canada’s newest trail will be nearly 15,000 miles long.

No, that’s not a typo. When it’s finished next year, the Trans Canada Trail will clock in at 14,864 miles long, nearly 13,000 miles of which are connected. As Anzilotti reports, the trail will open to everyone from cyclists to skiiers, horseback riders and hikers in 2017 and will be the world’s longest recreational trail.**

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Hopefully one of these years I’d get to walk a portion of it!



Here is an interactive map of The Great Trail, AKA the Trans-Canada Trail.


What a gift to so many now, and to future generations!
Thanks for sharing E.C.


Awesome site! That map’s fun. I go up to the Tofino area once in a while because I have some friends up there, and they show me around local spots. There’s this one floating garden place they took me to last time which has to be seen to be believed… I’m not sure if the trail is going to go to Vancouver Island, though; I don’t think it is. But Canada is such a madly gorgeous country, I’ve always really dug it. The city of Vancouver, too, I love. I could see myself living there, actually.


So could I, although in general I believe God’s will places us in the country He wants us to be. BC rocks!

Maybe Vancouver Island is out because once the boat takes you to Victoria, where to go from there?



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