Canada leaning more to the right

this is last week's news but i'm surprised no one posted it here:

for a country where same-sex marriage and abortion are legal, i'm glad of the results

75% think that abortion is morally wrong
80% believe in the "traditional" meaning of a marriage (between a man and a woman only)

GO CANADA! :thumbsup:

Well, the fact that Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister over there says something of the mood of the country. They want a conservative government.

It is a long steep road ahead.

Even if the personal morality and sensibility is traditional, there is not much of a mood for government to be involved in these kind of issues. Harper recognizes this reality, and keeps his nose out of these kind of things. there is no votes to be gained here for quite some time, if ever.

I think that it is a good message just to be publishing these kind of facts. While immorality is tolerated, that makes it no less immoral. Before such behavior is engaged in, it is probably good for people to understand just how abhorrent most Canadians think that such behavior is.

Just because immorality has been decriminalized to the max, that doesn’t mean that most people think that deviant behavior is good behavior.

We didn’t get to vote(nor did our politicians)on the issue of same sex so-called marriage OR abortion.Those issues were decided by an activist supreme court.The only states in the U.S.that allow same sex so-called marriage are the ones with activist courts.The citizens of those states just like the citizens of Canada would have democratically rejected those changes IMPOSED upon us.In Canada there is NO ABORTION LAW because our politicians are too lilly-livered to make one.

The Chief Justice for the Supreme Court of Canada held a secret nomination meeting for the Order of Canada which she ensured was presented to the notorious child killer Henry Morgentaler,abortionist.
The Order of Canada is now defiled and bloodstained and outraged recipients sent theirs back,including an order of nuns whose late foundress received one.

It surprised me that the Globe reported this since it leans a little more to the left, but the report coming out of the Manning Centre doesn’t really surprise me. I think the main thing is that Canadians are very reserved when it comes to issues of morality (a lot of “I don’t want to impose my morality on others” types). It’s the polite thing I think :shrug:

As a Canadian I can attest that what you describe as being "reserved"is more of a gutless thing.The "polite thing"is to not to allow people to go to hell.The morality of Canada,the U/S. and the rest of the world has become simple relativism.There is NO Truth.Rememember what that stalwart supporter of morality and justice,Poncious Pilate said when Jesus Christ(I am the Way,the Truth,and the Life)was standing right in front of Him,…“What is Truth”?
Remember what Christ said of the lukewarm…“I will vomit you from My mouth”.I would rather make people uncomfortable with the uncompromising Truth taught by Christ and passed to His Holy Catholic Church than to stand before Him at my Judgement as the servant who buried his talent.We all know what happened to him.

The majority of liberals live in Toronto,Vancouver and Montreal.There is a proposal(half-hearted,unfortunately) for Toronto to become its own province which this Ontarian and many more would welcome.That way we wouldn’t have the Liberal tail wagging the Conservative dog.

A woman from Canada was on Catholic Radio in the US. She was asked about the gay rights issue in Canada and replied that she was required not to speak about it. When asked why, she said, “I guess they’re afraid I might hurt their feeelings.”

God knows I’m not perfect but I think the following is the guiding principle for too many people, not just LGBT: “We no longer want to feel guilty or ashamed or sinful ever again.”

Jesus Christ can give all of us true freedom.

God bless,
Ed West

:smiley: Oh if only it were that easy :smiley:

[quote="Soutane, post:8, topic:190925"]
The majority of liberals live in Toronto


Ah, Toronto. Or as we call it locally, the "centre of the universe" ;)

The reason that Canada is leaning more to the right is because the FOXNews channel is now a common staple on Canadian cable television. Canadians are seeing a different perspective of matters. In other words, the blinders are being lifted from their eyes…finally.

As a Canadian I totally disagree. The thing is that right-leaning people are just speaking up more now than before. Canadians elected a minority Conservative government way back in 2006, and got a big boost in the 2004 election.

Frankly, it’s an insult to our intelligence to say that some tv channel is the reason for a more rightward lean. We’re independent minded the same as everyone else.

A little too late, perhaps?

The left wing news media in Canada were at once time able to fear monger about how ‘scary’ people like Harper and his right wing agenda were. a few years into a Harper government, and people realize that that Harper is, if anything at all, boring and bland and not really very scary at all.

Macleans has become more right-leaning of late. Maybe that has had an effect too, as more and more people see the leftist institutions such as the Human Rights commissions as being greater threats to freedom than right wing values.

Maybe a lot of it is just common sense too coming into play. With left wing feminists pushing their agenda of abortion as being the primary right for women, people are noticing that these values of death are really having a negative effect on the future. a story here about a woman in Ottawa shooting her baby in the head in utuero, and the feminist cheering it on, a story there about people being pulled through kangaroo court on account of quoting the Bible, and all of a sudden it is not the right wing evangelists that are the biggest whack jobs in Canada anymore.

One can only hope that a third factor will be a demise of regional politics, where the conservative forces are defined as being the Albertan agenda, and a rise in the ideal that conservative values for all Canadians who cherish the Canada they grew up with.

One can only hope that a third factor will be a demise of regional politics, where the conservative forces are defined as being the Albertan agenda, and a rise in the ideal that conservative values for all Canadians who cherish the Canada they grew up with./QUOTE

That has already happened. No one with the exemption of the Liberal House Organ the Toronto Star tries to make the Alberta-Reform-Conservative connection.Stephen Harper has succeeded in giving us good government.Can you imagine where we’d be with that idiot Stephane Dion as PM?All Michael Ignatief seems to know how to do is successfully negotiate a cocktail party.
He’ll be back teaching at Harvard after the next election.The Liberal-NDP-Parti Quebecois troika that tried to subvert democracy has ensured that the Liberals will never form another government for 20 years.The political centre of Canada has changed.The centre was inclined to vote liberal and now its inclined to vote conservative as it is composed mainly of the middle class.
The Alberta Wild Rose Pary sounds interestuing though and it looks to give the liberals in conservative clothing a run for its money.Now if we can only get rid of of McGuinty maybe Ontario and its middleclass might have a chance.If there was only some way of the 905’ers and others disenfranchising the 416er voters of uber left Toronto.

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A little too late, perhaps?


I beg your pardon?

Poppycock.We’ve always had access to a wide range of conservative Canadian commentary.You flatter yourself sir.We are a sovereign nation with no need to be patronized by Uncle Sam.Our troops are fighting and dying in Afganistan just like yours are or were you unaware of that since it seems to get so little play on YOUR media.

By the way we elected a conservative goverment and you guys elected the most leftwing radical bunch of faith hating communists this continent has ever seen.Fox news did a REAL GOOD JOB ON THAT ONE.People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.Funny how we’re the rightwingers and now YOU"RE the left wingers.

I’m glad that the coalition fell through, but I swear that if I hear one more person talk about how it was “unconstitutional” and how it’s “antidemocratic” I’m going to shove a copy of the British North American Act (1867), the Canada Act (1982), and the Election Act down their throat. It was and still remains a totally legitimate part of our Constitutional Monarchy/Parliamentary Democracy system. We vote for MPs, and the Prime Minister is selected by the Governor General on the basis of being able to hold the confidence of the House of Commons (which in most cases means the leader of the largest party). If that means the leader of a party with less seats, then if they can hold the confidence of the House then they can be PM (see: Mackenzie King, 1925. The Liberals had less seats than the Conservatives but King remained PM because he had the support of the Progressive Party, ie a coalition).

If there’s one thing the whole Liberal/NDP coalition proved it’s that Canadians have absolutely no idea how our government actually works. Hint: It doesn’t work like the Americans.

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Hint: It doesn't work like the Americans.


And a darn good thing that is, too! :D

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