Canada leaning more to the right

You are way over the top.

First, Canadians rejected Steven Harper as leader of the Conservative Party because of his anti-gay marriage position, which he then silenced. When he ran against dorky Dion, he did not mention his views. He is very conservative in his values, but like 89% of Canadians we don’t push our personal values down others throats. That is not being weak. It takes more strength to be tolerant that to show no mercy.

But I am glad to see that our system works, we believe in others freedom, but are not swayed by what we deem as bad, unethical or immoral behaviour.

As for Liberals they are not homosexuals re: the three cities you have mentioned. To any readers Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto have the highest rate of gays in all of Canada.

Most Liberal power comes from Quebec and Ontario and can control the countrys vote, that is the West feels unrepresented.

OH and don’t forget to tell our American cousins that Ontario is under a Liberal government at the moment.

It wasn’t so much that it wasn’t legal(it was)but it was almost a coup d’etat in that we just had an election and this troika included the Parti Qebecous(a group of leftwing traitors) that is dedicated to the destruction of Canada lead by a marxist that freaked Canadians out.

Caesar’s wife must not only BE above reproach she must SEEM to be above reproach which the coalition sure wasn’t,not with the communist NDP and the Separists who want to carve OUR country up.
Legal it may have been but it was NOT going to be tolerated by the average Canadian for one instant which is why the coalition imploded.Just try to get Ignatieff to answer a question on the coalition.It was the biggest mistake the normally astute liberals made in one hundred years but just look at the fool who was leading them…Stephane,Who…He’s kinda just disappeared along with his other disaster"the Green Shift".Even Madame Dion excorciated the Liberal Party in her blog albeit for different reasons.The Liberals are done like dinner for the next 3-4 elections guaranteed.

It might have been legal but the rage of Canadians(even those who had voted Liberal)was a sight that warned my heart.Passive Canadians,indeed.Ha!It was our version of the Tea Party.

The so-called gay marriage moverment and approval was orchestrated and approved by theACTIVIST Supreme Court of Canada so it was already fait-accompli.
Canadians did NOT reject Harper-He won two successive minority goverments-who mentioned anything about homosexuals-YOU DID.I said that Toronto,Montreal,and Vancouver vote consistantly liberal-somehow you equated that with being homosexual which i’m afraid puts YOU WAY OVER THE TOP and culpable of a very weird freudian slip.
.IF you had read my earlier posts I did talk about the soon to be ousted Ontario Liberals and the hapless CINO Mcguinty.
Most liberal power USED to come from Ontario but you can count on everyone but the 416.ers to vote conservative.Quebecers vote with their wallets so they can go either way-they’ve held this country hostage for 45 years.
Catholics in droves used to support the Liberals but now support the conservatives just like U.S.Catholics used to support the Democrats but now support the Republicans.It is a North Anerican social-political phenomenon.Don’t you read MacLean’s for goodness sake?When a fornerly uber Liberal magazine turns consevative albeit "lite"Somethings up.:rolleyes:;

I’m trying not to be harsh, but could you at least pretend to do some research? The PQ is a provincial party operating in Quebec, and is independent of the Bloc Quebecois, which is a federal party that only runs candidates in Quebec.
In reality, only the PQ has the ability to call for a referendum because they can form the government in Quebec. The BQ has no actual power to cause Quebec to separate and is really just a Quebec lobbyist party. They can call themselves separatists all they want, they can’t affect a thing from the Canadian House of Commons.

That I don’t care about. Canadians can approve it, reject it, voice their opinion, whatever. As long as we don’t get any more dumb people who start talking about how “illegal” it is. Canadians seriously need more civic classes.

Yeah, instead we have a PM who calls a snap election 2 years into the Parliamentary session (despite his promises and an an amendment to the Election Act for fixed-term Parliament) because he can get away with it. And who prorogues Parliament whenever he decides he doesn’t want to deal with something. :rolleyes: Those actions have gone over with much of the electorate like cutting the cheese in a spacesuit.

At least you can get a pro-lifer on the ballot with the Liberal Party. The NDP has “pro-choice” as a plank in its platform, and Harper has ordered the Conservatives not to bring up the issue (much to my surprise).

Sorry,I substituted the PQ for the Bloc but it matters little since they’re ALL separatists and the Bloc are dedicated to the destruction of Canada and Dion making a deal with them is similar to making a deal with the devil.THAT"S what Canadians were enraged about .We couldn’t have given two pinches for the legality of it ;it was an end run by the Bloc(dedicated to Canada’s destruction)and the NDP(dedicated to ushering in a Brave New World of socialism/communism)to actual power in this country.That is what everyone was furious about and you KNOW it.I don’t need any lessons in civics and legalities from YOU.
And I repeat the Liberal Party will rue this little misadventure when the voters are reminded of it election after election.After the next one Ignatieff will be back in his true country-the U.S. and teaching at Harvard again.

Give him a majority and see what happens-the pressure from pro-lifers will be immense.If you don’t care for the conservatives vote for the Family Party or the Christian Heritage party.

The Liberals under Chretien prorogued parliament FOUR(4!!!)times in eleven years.
The difference is that when Chretien prorogued Parliament, it helped the Liberals. Now, proroguing Parliament is helping the Conservatives.

The Liberals are the BIGGEST double-standard setters in the ENTIRE WORLD.

It’s the same thing with the Afghanistan war: The Liberals led us into Afghanistan to defeat terrorism (which was absolutely correct) but now that the Conservatives are in power, the Liberals oppose Afghanistan.

It’s the same thing with Kyoto: The Liberals had 16 years to sign Kyoto and they did not; the MINUTE Harper takes office, they expect him to sign it.

It’s the same thing with attack ads: The Liberals do attack ads against the Conservatives all of the time (how many times have we seen “Harper is like George Bush”?). Yet, when the Conservatives attack the Liberals, the Libs are against attack ads.

It’s the same reason they support the U.S. Democrats. The U.S. Democrats are 100 times to the right of our Conservative Party. Obama, for example, opposes same-sex marriage, supports the war in Afghanistan, opposes single-payer health care. Yet Canadian Liberals LOVE Obama and Harper is a “right-wing extremist.”

The Liberal Party knows only one thing: Double standards and hypocrisy. God Bless Stephen Harper. Elect Harper and the Conservatives in the next election to the MAJORITY government.

Whether or not their dedicated to it, it doesn’t make any difference at all. They can’t have any affect on the Confederation from the House of Commons. Only the Government of Quebec has the authority to call a referendum on Quebec separatism, and the Bloc is a federal party. Don’t muddy the issue with emotions.

I’m sorry, I have no issues with Harper proroguing parliament (it’s another perfectly legal part of our system, and a perfectly legitimate power reserved to the Sovereign and their representative the GG), but he’s done it twice in 2 years. So for a math lesson, 2/2 = 1 and 4/11 = 0.363. Guess which number is bigger.

They changed their position based on public opinion, which changed because the war was getting worse (like more deaths) right around the time the Conservatives got into power. They’re inconsistent, but it’s not like they changed their minds willy nilly.

Canada actually did sign Kyoto, we just ignored the fact that we did. No, the Liberals did nothing about it and yes they expected to Conservatives to do something so they are hypocrites. Let’s just get the facts right though.

I haven’t actually seen a “Harper = Bush” ad in a very long time (although, I don’t watch a lot of tv). Some of the Conservative ones are downright unfair though (granted, this is the party that gave us the “let’s make fun of Chrétien ad” that is probably caused the world’s biggest backfire). Like seriously, focus on the issues already. I’m getting real sick of commercials that look like grown up versions of elementary school bulling.

Several of the issues that you reponded to were not to you but a different poster-"Quote:
Originally Posted by Soutane
The Liberals under Chretien prorogued parliament FOUR(4!!!)times in eleven years.

“I’m sorry, I have no issues with Harper proroguing parliament (it’s another perfectly legal part of our system, and a perfectly legitimate power reserved to the Sovereign and their representative the GG), but he’s done it twice in 2 years. So for a math lesson, 2/2 = 1 and 4/11 = 0.363. Guess which number is bigger.”

I don’t care for your sarcasm,nor your lecturing tone.If you wish to discuss CDN politics in a non-abrasive manner fine.If not,Ta-Ta.
I addressed the other poster because he made issue with Harper proroguing parliament and the Liberal and NDP sponsored "spontaneous "protests that went along with it.Four times is more than two times period.You don’t need to resort to fractionalizing it 4 will always be greater than 2.
I guessed you missed the point that I was trying to make about Liberal hypocracy and the other poster’s mistaken notion that only the Conservatives had done it…

In September 2006, Environment Minister Rona Ambrose said Canada had no chance of meeting its targets under the Kyoto Protocol. She accused the Liberals of wasting $1 billion on emission-reduction efforts without keeping the country on track to meet its promises under the international agreement. “Kyoto did not fail this country,” Ambrose said. “The Liberal Party of Canada failed Kyoto.”

Ambrose said the government would instead act on greenhouse gases and other pollution with new targets in a proposed clean air act, announced in October 2006.

“They’re inconsistent, but it’s not like they changed their minds willy nilly”.

Inconsistancy is not much of an endorsement for a Party that wants to lead Canda.They want to bring Canada back to being the boyscout of the world- the false Liberal sponsored"peace-keepers"myth rather than "peace-makers"which has always been our true military position and role in the world.Hopefully we will not abandon our allies anf the people of Afganistan who are grateful for our presence.Some Canadians want to leave it up to the Americans AGAIN,but MORE Canadians see the rightousness of our position and are immensely proud of our fighting(not social-working) troops(renaming 401 in Toronto and environs,the "highway of Heroes.)Hopefully we wont abandon these people to the savagery of the Taliban who murder and terrorize Afghanis,stone women,hang homosexuals and throw acid in the face of little girls who only want to go to school.Hopefully we will stay beyong 2012.If the Liberals gain power I shudder at what these miquetoasts will do as far as abandoning our American allies and the Afghan people…

It an unfair comparison to just say 4 > 2 because all other things are not equal (I misspoke, I should have said the Conservatives have 2/4 and the Liberals 4/11, but the Conservatives are still higher). When the Conservatives have rules 11 years then we can go and look back at the total, but until then you can’t compare the 2 straight up without normalizing them. That’s just plain manipulating statistics in order to give yourself a favourable result, and there’s a reason why it’s unethical to do that.

ME manipulating statistics,ha!Again,I was adressing another poster who intimated that only the conservatives were guilty of prorogation which they did twice while Chretien did it FOUR times.This starting to sound a bit like"4 legs good,2 legs bad".

I agree that they both did it, and that it’s legal and legitimate both times. But I disagree that Harper is somehow “better” because “2<4”, despite ruling for 7 less years.

Please read my posts CAREFULLY no where did I say Harper was "better"in THIS sorry instance.I was pointing out the wrongheadedness of a previous poster who indicated that only the Conservatives were guilty of prorogation when in fact the Liberals had done it Four times under one PM-Chretien.I was also demonstrating the hypocracy of the Liberal Party for making it such an issue.I don’t care for prorogation but for the Liberals to complain is akin to the pot calling the kettle black.

Ah. So what we’re saying is that we’ve been on the same page for most of the day then? :cool:

[quote="curlycool89, post:35, topic:190925"]
Ah. So what we're saying is that we've been on the same page for most of the day then? :cool:


literally anf figuratively i guess.:shrug:

Hmmm…since I am the only poster who mentioned Harper’s proroguing Parliament, I assume you were referring to me. The following is what I said, verbatim:

Nowhere did I say that Harper was the only one. That was not my point. It was merely in response to the posts referring to the proposed opposition coalition as a subversion of democracy or even a coup d’etat. The prorogation of Parliament does not exactly warm the cockles of my democratic heart. Nor does his ignoring of his own election promise (and subsequent law) of scheduling an election at a regular time, by calling a snap election in the middle of a session just because he can. (which is the part in the snipped bit)

There won’t be any change in access to abortions in Canada while Harper is PM, since he silenced his candidates in the election. There might be with a Liberal government, since the Libs allow freedom of conscience on the matter. We at the grassroots came very close to getting a pro-lifer elected in the election that swept Kim Campbell out of power.

Unfortunately, I live in Toronto-Danforth at the moment, and it’s pretty hard to unseat Jack Layton, the incumbent. If either of the 2 main parties had a leader with his personal popularity, they would easily command a massive majority in the next election.

Pray for Jack as he has prostate cancer.

Technically speaking, the law was worthless. The power to dissolve parliament and call an election is reserved the Sovereign (through the GG) and can’t be regulated or changed by anything short of a constitutional amendment (good luck ever having one of those here in Canada). So technically speaking, he didn’t break any law because the GG is not bound by that law and can decide to call an election at any time (the GG could decide to follow the law because that is their prerogative, but they are free to ignore it. If Jean would have followed it we would have ended up with King–Byng part II).

[quote="peary, post:12, topic:190925"]
The reason that Canada is leaning more to the right is because the FOXNews channel is now a common staple on Canadian cable television. Canadians are seeing a different perspective of matters. In other words, the blinders are being lifted from their eyes...finally.


As a Canadian, I gotta disagree with you friend. Canadians REALLY hate FOX News. We view it as anti-Canadian. Ann Coulter on FOX News said we Canadians are lucky that America doesn't crush us after we decided to not invade Iraq along with the USA, which turned out to be the right choice. More infamously, about a year ago, on Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld and his buddies mocked the Canadian military a week after a soldier was killed in Afghanistan and a couple of days before four more soldiers were killed (here in Canada, we make sure every one knows when a solider is killed). Our Defence Minister even denounced them and the outrage was tremendous.

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