Canada leaning more to the right

While we're on the subject of being more right-wing, I have an interesting story of an abortion debate when I took grade 12 law last year.

For our final projects, we had to do a presentation on a legal issue. I wanted to do abortion, but the two pro-abortion females beat me to it. When they did their presentation, they stayed fairly neutral until the end until they declared it's a woman's right. I challenged them since we were allowed to do so and amazingly, I got them to soften their position. I got them to admit that abortion should be banned after the second trimester and that it should be a decision that is thought hard about.

I really gave them a run for their money. They really didn't have any real reason to support the abortion ideology. I told them that a fetus has its own DNA code and its own part so it can't be part of the woman's body, but their logic was it's connected to it so it therefore is the woman's body:rolleyes:

Some people were challenging me about the issue for the remainder of the school year (there were only a few weeks left though) and this one guy said to me that animals kill so it's alright for us to kill babies (in a way that sounded like a confession that a fetus is a human.) and I told him animals don't have laws protecting one another and we do. He replied that they might:rolleyes:

Abortion is not really attached to logic, is it?

Bingo.Some Americans have to realise that the world does NOT revolve around them and their "jokes"and,lack of knowledge about anything BUT America and apparant disdain for the rest of the world costs them dearly in terms of respect and,embarrasses them and their more erudite countrymen.It’s arrogance plain and simple.

Good effort though.:slight_smile:

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here in Canada, we make sure every one knows when a solider is killed


Darn right. People take time off during the day to line the highway that the coffin travels on. We call it the Highway of Heros.

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