Canada: Liberals win key Commons vote while Tories are accused of creating ‘waves of Islamophobia’ (National Post)


All 165 Liberal MPs in the House of Commons Tuesday, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, voted against a motion calling on MPs to condemn “all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance and discrimination” in the wake of “the recent and senseless violent acts at a Quebec City mosque.”

The Liberal rejection of that motion came hours after Alexandre Bissonnette, accused of six murders at that mosque, made a brief court appearance in Quebec City.

Meanwhile, the 126 Conservative, New Democrat, and Bloc Quebecois MPs, as well as the lone Green Party MP voted in favour of the motion, put forward by Conservative MP David Anderson, which would have, among other things, asked a parliamentary committee to identify ways to reduce or eliminate “all types of discrimination in Canada,” including “discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and other religious communities.”

Hours before voting on that motion, a Canadian Muslim leader blamed Conservatives for creating “waves of Islamophobia” with that motion.

Because the Liberals hold a majority in the House of Commons, Anderson’s motion failed by a vote of 126-165, capping a week of emotional politicking that saw Liberal MPs say the recent mosque murders were the “direct result” of the kind of policies put forward by the Conservatives; that saw the Conservatives accuse the Liberals of trying to divide Canadians of different faiths; and a weekend which saw an anti-semitic incident in Toronto while a mosque was vandalized in Montreal.

In debate in the House of Commons last week, the Liberal MPs said they could not vote for a motion that did not explicitly speak to Islamophobia even though MPs unanimously condemned Islamophobia not even four months ago, on Oct. 26.

Canada is a very tolerant and welcoming country and Trudeau is using it to score political points and polarizing the country towards what America has become. Keep in mind, the New Democrats are even further to the left and they supported the ‘Conservatives.’* Trudeau isn’t the saint the predominantly left-wing press elsewhere in the West makes him out to be.
*More libertarian than conservative. There is no conservative party in Canada.



**Majority of Canadians distrust government: poll suggests
In a recent Edelman poll, only 43 per cent of Canadians say they trust their government — down from 53 per cent a year earlier.

And 80 per cent of Canadians feel the country’s elites are out of touch.

The findings in the so-called Trust Barometer survey conducted annually by public relations firm Edelman is the first time in 17 years that Canada has joined the ranks of “distruster” countries in which more than half of citizens say they distrust their civic institutions.


That poll was carried out last year before Trudeau explicitly broke his promise of electoral reform (first-past-the-post to some form of proportional representation), before this nasty effort to smear to ‘Conservatives’ and polarizing Canada in the process, before his announcement of not returning any refugees illegally crossing into Canada even though most Canadians according to the polls don’t want the number of refugees to increase.


Well, the kerfluffle over the word “Islamophobia” is ridiculous. What was wrong with the similar motion by the Conservatives that only excluded the word? What defines Islamophobia anyway? The word was created by a Muslim Brotherhood think tank (IIIT) in order to stifle discussion about Islam, but it’s not like it will become law. From what I understand, there won’t be any new restrictions on speech even if M-103 passes in April. I may be missing something, though…


Islamophobic thought is all over this forum. It’s baseless fearmongering.


That’s the issue. Without defining what it is, a person saying ‘I don’t like Islam’ or ‘I don’t want to be Muslim’ would be ‘Islamophobic.’ Clarity has been requested but the Liberals won’t define it and from what is in the news, refuse to. That’s dangerous. A Tory MP wanted something along the lines of ‘protecting Muslims’ if they had to prioritize so that individuals are protected but still allowing criticisms of Islam. Prioritizing ‘Islamophobia’ is politically motivated because anti-Semitism, due to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, has been worse than anti-Muslim crimes in Canada until the Quebec attack. If anything, this motion will increase anti-Muslim sentiment.


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