Canada needs to promote authentic Maternal Health

Dear Canadian Catholics,

Following from PM Harper's call to improve Maternal Health around the world, the Liberal Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff is pressing the issue of abortion. Ignatieff is pressing Mr. Harper to promote abortion as "Maternal Health" (a contradiction in terms).

It is also important to note that some Liberal MPs are solidly Pro-Life and that Mr. Ignatieff does not have full consent of his MPs on this.

It is also note worthy here that PM Harper's core intent was to provide better Health to young children and their Mothers because of high infant mortality rates in the developing world. Mr. Ignatieff is showing himself to be needlessly politicizing this issue by pressing for abortion in this matter.

Please stay tuned in to this story if it develops more.


I must say that Iggy came right out of left field on this one. Yes, Harper called for better maternal health. Iggy is the one who seemed to shoehorn the issue of abortion into the discussion (it seems he did so without even consulting his caucus either).

Maybe this is a good thing. The last time even the word abortion appeared in Canadian politics was what, half a decade ago or so? Which would have been the last time the Liberals attacked Harper on the abortion issue.

I heard an interview with Iggy on the radio this morning and he refused to even say the word abortion. He knows it’s an ugly word, so he used every euphemism under the sun to avoid saying it. Three times the reporter asked him point blank: Are you referring to abortion, Mr. Ignatieff? And each time he responded with a different euphemism like “freedom to choose,” “women’s choice,” “reproductive choice” etc.

These guys know they’re cooked if they they allow people to really think about what abortion is.

What really cracks me up is that although there is supposed to be a large number of pro-life liberals, and there’s even a secret pro-life caucus on the hill, most of them won’t identify themselves for fear of losing votes. They have to meet secretly for fear of persecution.

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