Canada plans to experiment with giving people unconditional free money


Called ‘[basic income](“Canada plans to experiment with giving people unconditional free money”)’, it’s been shown to improve both productivity and income.

Finland and the Netherlands have already shown their interest in giving people a regular monthly allowance regardless of working status, and now Ontario, Canada is onboard. Ontario’s government announced in February that a pilot program will be coming to the Canadian province sometime later this year. The premise: send people monthly checks to cover living expenses such as food, transportation, clothing, and utilities—no questions asked.’


“Giving people money improves their income…” :eek:

Anyways, I’m posting to say that the link doesn’t work.


It’s not ideal, but it may be better than our current welfare system.


It seems that the OP has logged off, so I did a Google search and found this:


I could use an extra $900.00 a month; where do I sign up? The article didn’t say how this was going to funded, but as long as it is from other people’s money, who cares! :bounce:


I don’t believe Canadians would go for this! If they do, then send all the world’s refugees to them!


Unfortunately with a Liberal majority in Ontario and on the National stage, Canadians don’t have much of a say on this.

As for how it will be funded, it’s suppose to replace all the current welfare handouts.


If that’s all it takes, why not give everybody $360K/yr and we can all be in the 1% or $1M and we’d all be millionaires.


They do own money-printing machines, don’t they?


I don’t buy this. (And I certainly wouldn’t look to Finland or the Netherlands for anything.)
My Christian view of man’s sinful nature (concupicence) leads me to believe that this would NEVER work.



Not if the government does it. It’s a zero-sum game, at best.


I’m concerned with drug abuse, actually. While I acknowledge that people of good will could use flexible funds to use to their advantage, what I am concerned is that flexible funds like these could inspire people to use their funds for drug usage. Things like legal over the counter cough medicine can produce highs, and I’m concerned people would take advantage of flexible funds for drug abuse like this.


Globally, if one makes 35K USD or more a year, it’s a 1% income.


Perhaps, but all printing money does in the end is devalue the currency. No one really becomes richer.


Oh, I know. What I wrote was sarcastic at best, and derisive at worst.


I foresee housing expenses to rise dramatically, and rental rates to increase by as much as $1000 in Ontario very shortly…


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