Canada’s opposition party to re-introduce controversial ‘transgender’ bill

Canada’s opposition party to re-introduce controversial ‘transgender’ bill
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OTTAWA, Ontario, August 15, 2011 ( – Canada’s opposition New Democrat Party is planning to resurrect a controversial transgender bill that had made it to the Senate earlier this year before getting killed by the May federal election.

Bill C-389, which sought to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the Canada Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code’s hate crimes section, had passed the House of Commons in February in a narrow vote of 143-135. The new bill will be sponsored by the NDP’s new “LGBTT” critic Randall Garrison, reports the Toronto Sun.

The February vote was largely along party lines, with the Conservatives opposing and the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc supporting. Six Conservatives voted in favor, including Ministers John Baird and James Moore.

The bill was opposed by numerous religious and pro-family organizations,including the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, the Catholic Organization for Life and Family, Campaign Life Coalition, REAL Women of Canada, and the Canada Family Action Coalition.

Pro-family groups had warned that the bill promotes the notion that gender is fluid and a question of social construct, and pointed out that organizations like the American College of Pediatricians treat gender confusion as a mental illness.

Thank God we have a conservative majority government and it will be such schaudenfreude to watch these commies hang themselves in front of Hockey Mom and Hockey Dad.

Not sure pediatricians are the right people to ask about these issues…

The American College of Pediatricians is a small organization which was explicitly founded to advance a conservative political agenda. It mimics the name of the much larger American Academy of Pediatrics, but should not be confused with it. The AAP has a widely respected medical journal and provides the board certification that a US physician is qualified as a specialist in pediatrics. The ACP, in contrast, exists primarily to lobby for partisan positions.

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