Canada to claim North Pole



Canada to claim North Pole

Ottawa (AFP) - Canada signalled intentions to claim the North Pole and surrounding Arctic waters while announcing the filing of a UN application seeking to vastly expand its Atlantic sea boundary.After a decade of surveying the country’s eastern and far north seabeds and gathering supporting evidence, a claim was submitted to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf on Friday.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said the filing mainly concerns the outer limits of Canada’s continental shelf in the Atlantic Ocean.

“We have asked our officials and scientists to do additional work and necessary work to ensure that a submission for the full extent of the continental shelf in the Arctic includes Canada’s claim to the North Pole,” he told a press conference.
“Fundamentally, we are drawing the last lines of Canada. We are defending our sovereignty,” added Arctic Minister Leona Aglukkaq.

Asserting sovereignty over an expansive Arctic archipelago and surrounding waters has been a key plank of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Tories in the past three elections since 2006.
But Russia and Denmark are expected to file overlapping claims, which could lead to confrontation between the Arctic neighbors.

If territorial claims were based on niceness (or beer quality) we could arrange between the Danes and the Canadians. In the real world one needs the muscle to back claims up. I doubt the Canadian Navy is ready to take on the Russians.

PS – for my geographically confused fellow Americans, Denmark has a claim to the Arctic because they own Greenland.


Hmm! I wonder what Santa has to say about this:D


This. I don’t see Canada pulling this off anytime soon.


Are they going to collect tolls from all the American and Russian submarines sailing around underneath there?

More seriously, one can reasonably suspect there’s a lot of hydrocarbons in the seabed in the arctic. Sooner or later, somebody will find a way to get at them.


According to Greenpeace, he might be moving before Christimas.


Merry Christmas to all, eh.


I bet the second some say they found oil their America will put ins claim or back Candada then trade for lower prices. There is an off chance America will,just annex Canada


No reason to annex Canada. It’s friendly, non-aggressive and its economy is so well integrated with that of the U.S. that it’s hardly different from that of one U.S. state and another.


Greenland isn’t its own country yet? Well, if the Canadians want it, go for it and duke it out with Russia and Denmark. Whatever resources are available under all that ice is not going to be that easy to get to and then you will have all those nutty environmentalist crying about any type of exploration anyway. Reminds me of that Santa claus 3 where Santa brought in the wife’s parent but to hide that they were at the North pole, the elves presented that it was Canada.


Clearly it’s Canada’s Or Nunavut’s anyway. We have treaties with Canada, and a vested interest in putting Russia in it’s place. I say lets roll!

Thought it would be kind of funny if the third world war started over some sea ice. :rolleyes:


Shouldn’t be long before China stakes a claim. :wink:


To the South Pole, right?


Yes, that tiny red maple leaf symbol that they put at the center of their McDonalds franchise signs is fooling nobody.


It’s finally time! Attack Canada! We always knew that had it coming. :smiley:

Love the Canadians. I wonder if Santa will need a passport now or if he will be on a worker’s visa status.


Nope, he was always Canadian.

Just like God.

After all, Scripture says He dwells in the “utmost north.”




Haha! :rotfl:


Although that seems unlikely, China may try to keep any other country from claiming territorial control.

Here is one possible ploy:

*Some Chinese analysts want to see Canada’s sovereignty over the Northwest Passage watered down or defined into meaninglessness, largely on the Svalbard Islands model. China and several other major countries that have no Arctic coastline of their own have set up Arctic research stations in the Svalbard Islands, an Arctic archipelago which, supposedly and technically, is controlled by Norway.

But not really. In 1920 Norway signed an international agreement giving Norway “full and absolute sovereignty” over the Svalbards, but granting the citizens of each signatory state “equal liberty of access and entry for any reason or object whatever.” Hence today, the Chinese and anybody else whose country signed the agreement can pretty much come and go as they like in the Svalbards*

(The quote is from an op-ed, so the tone of the rest of the article is a bit snarky.)


And with global warming the melting will allow for easier exploration…


Does this mean leaving out some poutine for Santa, instead of milk and cookies?


Its what’s under the ice that matters.

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