Canada's Anglican Church reverses course, approves gay marriage



The Anglican Church in Canada may be in such decline in its membership, will it exist in 50 years in Canada?

“A 2010 working paper on Anglican Church statistics shows that membership dropped drastically from the years 1964 to 2001. There were 1,365,313 members in 1964 and 641,845 in 2001 (a 47% decline). This is all the more dramatic when one considers that the population of Canada had increased 60%. An even sharper decline was Sunday school enrollment. For the period 1951 to 2001, the decline was greater than 80%.”

“Some commentators predict that the Anglican of Church of Canada will pretty much disappear in about 40 years”


It is always disappointing to see liberal churches reject the Bible.


Go Canada!


It already went.


I wouldn’t say they reject the Bible. They read from it. They teach from it. They study it. In their ongoing discernment they may arrive at different understandings. But that’s a far cry from rejecting the Bible.


They just pick what they like and discard what they don’t like.


When any church can vote in and vote out morality, this is the outcome. Jesus never gave us this “right” in the first place. He placed the authority and responsibility of all moral decisions in the hands of the Apostles and their successors, the Magisterium. And the Magisterium cannot reverse Christ’s teachings nor the moral law.

This move on the part of the Canadian Anglican Church proves that without the charism of infallibility, no body of believers can remain faithful when the winds and tides of public opinion go against the morals they long held sacred. Yet another denomination has abandoned orthodox Christianity for a mess of pottage. Sad, so sad.




This is not a case of people going on retreat, quieting all the distractions, and discerning God’s call - to follow the gospel boldly, led only by the Spirit. This is a group desperately seeking popularity, and acceptance, not by God but by the media, at whatever price. They are glued to “The World”, to the Media.

Chesterton described exactly this process a century ago. At the time people said he was exaggerating.


Theology of a dying church is of very little concern to anyone, except maybe those who still have some money to collect from the Anglican Church’s role in residential schools.

People who cheer the decision are very unlikely to drop by and put some money into the basket, at any rate.
It is theology for nobody.


It just goes to prove how superficial some people are. While in a group reeds may stand together but alone the smallest breath can blow them away. In other words, individual integrity to stand for principles is a rare commodity.


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