Canadian aborted babies incinerated in Oregon waste-to-energy facility to provide electricity

Praying for all the aborted babies of the world.

How painfully cynical.
Father we ask pardon that Your little ones are murdered and treated as rubbish.
Please send Your Holy Spirit to convert and transform this world that love will be the source of all our decisions and actions. I ask in the name of Your beloved Son Jesus.

This is disgusting and vile! Didn’t a British hospital just recently get in trouble for doing something similar?

This does not surprise me.

So very sad, but what is disturbing is how this extremely horrible news falls silent on so many…Lord we ask for blind eyes to see and deaf ears to hear Your Truth, Amen.


Sounds like another attempt on the part of LifeSite to sensationalize a non-story. Pony up the e-mails and their context and maybe it would be worth looking at. There’s a reason why I along with several other members take anything LifeSite has to say with a few truckloads of salt. The incomplete quote they provided from The British Columbia Health Ministry doesn’t even come close to supporting the headline.



Prove it.

What do you think we do with “biomedical waste” and what exactly do you imagine abortion facilities do with aborted fetuses? Give them a proper burial? Do you understand they can’t do that because it would contradict their ludicrous belief that a human fetus isn’t actually a human being?

You can swim all day up and down that long river in Egypt but you still live in a culture that murders routinely innocent human beings.

I don’t have to prove anything. LifeSite made a claim and failed to support it.

No…they made the claim, they have to substantiate it.

If CNN reports that the president beats his wife, it is not the president’s responsibility to prove that he doesn’t.

Fetuses aborted in Canada have been burned at an energy plant to provide power to Oregon homes, the British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted.

Sam Brentano, chairman of the board, said it is taking immediate action to prohibit human tissue from future deliveries at the plant that has been turning waste into energy since 1987

County spokeswoman Jolene Kelley said medical waste has been included in the program for some time, but the commissioners never had any indication that fetal tissue might be included.
‘We learned that today,’ she said.

Another article with little factual support. The facts are in the original article (also sensationalized).

  1. The B.C. Catholic magazine/paper received an anonymous e-mail, presumably from someone in the communications department of the B.C. Health Ministry,.

  2. The e-mail stated that Health Ministry has agreements with private contractors to dispose of medical waste including amputated limbs, cancerous tissues, and fetal tissue.

  3. At least one of these contractors delivers sealed boxes of medical waste to a power plant in Oregon.

That is all and it certainly doesn’t support the wild claims going around the internet.

KGW TV in Portland has “independently confirmed” the report.

If you’re all so worried about saving babies, why focus just on the tiny portion of what the incinerator burns that comes from abortion clinics? ALL trash incinerators (and other types of incinerators) kill babies with their pollution. Studies of communities living near trash incinerators show increases of pre-term births, and babies born with “lethal congenital anomaly” (spina bifida or heart defects), plus increased childhood cancers. Around trash incinerators, studies have also found other increased cancers, especially: larynx, lung, colorectal, liver and stomach cancers, leukemia (blood cancer), soft-tissue sarcoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In communities near crematoria, a study in the British Medical Journal also found an increased risk of stillbirth and anencephalus (babies born without brains).

So, if this is really all about saving babies, where are you all in the fight to save God’s creation by ending the use of cremation and waste incineration? You have compelling health, environmental and economic arguments on your side, and there are available alternatives that don’t share these problems and create more jobs in the process.

Well, the point here isn’t just the burning, which is bad in itself (defiling human remains), but it’s also a proxy in the argument against abortion at all.

So… okay, well, nobody is saying that burn fumes/seepage isn’t bad nor that it doesn’t cause bad things to happen, but there is a vast, complete, extreme difference between a secondary death which may or may not happen from something which is not at all intended to produce death (burning trash) on the one hand, and going inside a woman’s uterus with a suction aspirator/forceps/curette/ and ripping apart a live, growing human person or salt solutions into the heart with a giant needle and throwing him/her away, or inducing labor early with drugs, which acts are directly intended as killing acts, on the other hand.

So, yes, there may be some logical relation, but please none of the seamless garment business which may be theoretically valid but which simply produces not much other than giant servings of confusion along with plenteous portions of inferred permission-to-ignore-moral-teachings.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that what you are talking about is okay, nor that there shouldn’t be anything done about it. I’m just saying that the moral difference–MORAL difference–is huge–indirect death versus direct killing–and that these things can’t be equated or even compared in most conversations.

This isn’t really helpful in this conversation because, well, I could just as easily respond to you by saying, “If you’re so worried about stopping crematoria/trash incinerators because they can potentially babies in indirect ways, then why aren’t you worried about female emergency physicians who are pregnant since they regularly come into contact with bloodborne pathogens? Don’t you know that those can cause birth defects if contracted? There need to be better protections!”

Well, okay, that’s a valid point, but maybe it’s not so good to lump these things together.

All I’m saying is that there is a logical hierarchy of gravity and relative evil:

direct abortion which intends death of a human person>fumes/seepage from incenerators/crematoria which can indirectly, perhaps, cause death of people>bloodborne pathogen risk for pregnant medical professionals

There is always going to be a “If you’re so worried about… then why aren’t you worried about…” so it usually isn’t helpful to the conversation.

Oregon county puts stop to incinerating aborted babies for electricity: ‘we are outraged’

It seems some would not believe no matter what the evidence. To believe this is happening is to acknowledge the atrocities that can occur in a society in which agnostics/atheists make the decisions.


Now that these new findings are being revealed I must say that this is extremely foul. Not only were the babies murdered via abortion but their dead bodies weren’t even treated with even a hint of dignity! :(:mad:

Why? Now they’re just contradicting themselves.

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