Canadian Anglican Schism

"…A LEADING ANGLICAN archbishop has declared that the Anglican Communion has already been split apart by rows over same-sex partnerships and gay clergy.

In a public talk on the deepening crisis enveloping the global communion, Canada’s Anglican Primate, Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, acknowledged that “the communion is, in fact, broken” already because of diametrically differing views on homosexuality.

Archbishop Hutchison’s dramatic admission came last week during an open forum at St James’s Cathedral, Toronto, which addressed the inevitability of a church-wide schism. Speaking before a packed audience of 400, he cited the cancellation of a joint Eucharist at the February gathering of Primates in Dromantine, Northern Ireland. He described the move as symbolic of the state of the communion, which is split over the Canadian Church’s decision to allow the blessing of same-sex unions and the ordination of Gene Robinson, an actively gay bishop in the United States.

The archbishop also indicated that the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) would not automatically accede to the request made in Dromantine that it, along with the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (Ecusa), “voluntarily withdraw” its delegates from the international Anglican Consultative Council until the impasse is resolved. “It’s entirely possible that our Council of General Synod will say: ‘No, this is the most important consultative body of the communion and our presence is enormously important, so we will be attending as invited’,” said the archbishop. He emphasised that the plea to withdraw was a “request” and that “nobody has uninvited us”. The ACC’s General Synod will consider its response at its next session in May…"

Abp. Hutchison’s own denomination here in Canada is itself well on its way to coming apart at the seams.

Out here on the West Coast, a cluster of parishes (since joined by others in other parts of Canada) left his church and joined the Anglican Church of Rwanda (no kidding), and have oversight from a bishop from the Anglican Mission in America (which has itself left the US Episcopal Church, under the aegis of several offshore Anglican Primates). The local Anglican bishop has tried to get hold of the property of a couple of the parishes, but hasn’t yet, and court action will no doubt ensue.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a plethora of committees, networks, and various other groupings forming among Canadian Anglicans. And relations between the groups is not quite as cozy as some press releases would have the readers believe.

All in all, it is very messy, is unlikely to get better, and bespeaks a gereral unrevelling of the present Anglican Communion. Into what, or how many pieces, is hard to say, but I, for one, would not bet that the fission will be limited to a binary one.

Many believing Christians are caught up in the mess, and a prayer or two that they may persevere in holding to the truth that they have would not be misplaced.



Thanks so much for the background info. The real tragedy in all of this is. as is usual, the innocent. Congregations, people in ministry who have given their commitment, support and placed their belief to be so cruelly tossed to and fro as if they were nothing while fools and varlets vie for the high offices, for personal and political agendas and call it of God. I am reminded more and more of Dennis Prager’s great article on the 2nd Commandment, what it means to blaspheme, to do things not of God, and claim that one is working His will in the world. He calls it giving God a bad name and points out that in the Jewish tradition, how seriously they take these kinds of offenses.

As me mum would have said, “they have no shame, no shame at all”.

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