Canadian bishops investigating social arm for funding pro-abortion groups (CNA)

Toronto, Canada, Mar 18, 2009 / 11:57 am (CNA).- In a response to recent reports that the Canadian Catholic group, Development and Peace, a part of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is funding abortion advocacy groups in South America, the Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto has explained to CNA that the bishops are currently looking into the accuracy of the reports.

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Oh thank heavens!

A number of years ago, our Archdiocese had the local Catholic Family Charities withdraw from the United Way, when that group let Planned Parenthood join up and be funded. I was utterly appalled to learn not only that this could be happening, but also that there was no policy in place to prevent it.

And the Development and Peace administration needs their wrists slapped hard for their initial response. No one attacked their projects,or suggested the projects were themselves facilitating abortions. The issue was the choice of partners. But their Director got all huffy, and said in a statement, “We do not, in any way, support projects that would contravene these fundamental principles, most certainly not projects related to abortion.” This was a pure straw man tactic. He never discussed the activities of the partners that had been selected.

The stables, it seems, need cleaning.



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