Canadian Catholic Newspapers


Does anyone know of any Canadian Catholic newspapers except for these following? I am looking even for small newspapers as well as the prominent ones.

Catholic Register
The BC Catholic
Western Catholic Reporter
Prairie Messenger
The New Freeman
Newsletter of the Archdiocese of London
Catholic Insight
The Interim
Catholic Press Directory

I note your inclusion of Carillon. Not sure if it’s the same but that was the name of our former diocese’s quarterly newspaper which hasn’t been published in many years.

We have a Newspaper called the Vineyard.Dioceses of St.Catherines,Ontario.

It is available online:)

The Archdiocese of Vancouver has several resources listed on their website:

Archdiocese of Vancouver - News and Events

Perhaps some of these, or links on these pages, would include further listings that you seek.

Thanks for the responses.

About the Carillon, it’s from Calgary, so I suppose that is the diocese you are referring to? Thanks for the info on that.

(David, I see you are from Coquitlam - I have a Catholic friend from there)

No, our diocese was the Diocese of Labrador City-Schefferville. It was suppressed a few years ago. Obviously, your Carillon and our defunct Carillon are two very different papers.

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