Canadian church threatened with losing charity status for revoking woman's membership over same-sex relationship


Mac Moreau, a political activist in Oshawa, launched a letter-writing campaign to the Canada Revenue Agency earlier this month demanding that the government entity review Calvary Baptist’s status as a charity.

Excommunication can now lead to campaigns against churches who are faithful to Christ. You see, it’s not enough that same-sex ‘marriage’ is the law of the land, you MUST accept and celebrate sin.
This is in essence a campaign to compel a church to allow someone not fit to commune to commune.
They may try to break us but our hope is in Christ. Loyalty is to Christ and not people. The Church has survived much worse persecution. Today, we have underground churches in hostile countries that are thriving. Keep calm and carry on.


Precisely. And this is the general trend. For atheists, “liberal” believers, progressives, free thinkers, SJWs, and what have you, it isn’t enough that staunch Christians allow them to live whatever way they want. They’re not content to ignore Christianity and be ignored by it. They’re out to usurp it. They are bent on changing it into what they think it should be, and the signs are that little by little they will succeed at this. And that’s really one of the hardest things to bear for an authentic believer in this modern age: to witness the gradual desecration of the very institution that should have been a safe haven from the world’s decline into degeneracy and chaos. To see your spiritual home desecrated by irreligious trolls – what could be worse?

The world is going to hell, and it’s going to hell fast.


What is mind boggling to me is that our illustrious Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is at the helm of all this crap is a practicing Roman Catholic to whom the Eucharist was given by an Archbishop in a publicly broadcasted setting fairly recently. How can our Prime Minister who advocates all this anti-Christian activity be in the good graces of the Catholic Church?


Money , power and bad / evil ideologies that have penetrated the church.

Explains a lot if the Vatican shenanigans these days.


Christ allows the weeds and the wheat to grow up together and He will gather the wheat in his barn. God isn’t fooled by this shenanigans to fool people.

Canadian Catholics saw that Trudeau required businesses to sign a form that they support abortions and same sex marriage before they could be allowed funding for employing students this summer. His eye is on the Catholic church and he’s finding ways to shoot arrows at it.


That’s incredible. Is that even legal? It comes down to requiring support for a certain political view (and even a certain ethical view) in exchange for funding, doesn’t it?


If he’s receiving unworthily, then he will answer for it… And may God have mercy on his soul when that time comes.


At this point she’s a he but I wouldn’t bet it will stay that way!


Oops, I’ll fix it XD Not sure where I got the “she” from.


I agree but also feel his eye is on all Christians, yet, why would an Archbishop who cannot possibly be ignorant of the situation offer him the Eucharist.

The other thing is that it is the French who are mostly Catholic who put him in power, the Church standing up to him would surely cripple his political career and that would be a very positive move for all of Canada.


Well, he is behind a Bill which would demand anyone to call the other person by the pronoun they have informed the world they want to be called or face charges. In other words, if a he demands to be called “she”, calling him a “he” could produce charges.


Yeah, I don’t understand why our bishops don
't stand up to this sort of nonsense. I’m American, but I imagine your frustration is very similar.

Seriously, excommunicate these idiots and pray they come back to God.


That is correct, and in Alberta with our present NDP government, Christian schools are facing dictatorial demands of acceptance of the whole LGBT and transgender positions or funding is affected and eliminated in the future if they win the election in 2019.


As a non-Catholic, I would put more stock into the thought that the Catholic Church is the one true Church that Jesus started if it would actually stand up to the evil in the world but I am afraid it is caving.


They are already revoking accreditation from universities and colleges that have codes of conduct that reflect Christian norms of behavior.


I honestly can’t say I blame you. So many of our leaders seem to be either failing to preach the Truth, or actively engaging in evil…

If I didn’t already have a strong faith, I could certainly see it causing problems. Fortunately, I do not place my faith in the people, I place it on the promise of Christ.


Absolutely true.


I think there is going to become a point when churches in Canada must make the decision to drop charity status and pay taxes. What Canada is doing, is asking religious people to sell their soul for financial gain. And obviously, the PM is NOT anything other than a cultural catholic and I think he’s likely even evil. He seems to take glee in holding everyone over an ethical barrel and make them basically renounce their beliefs and support evil to get anything.


I agree. It won’t belong before Churches in the U.S. will have to make the same decisions as well. One or two election cycles will make that a reality.


Stuff like this happens in USA all the time with people like Joe Biden, who actually officiated himself at I believe 2 same-sex weddings. Occasionally I see a newspaper article about how some bishops will call the politician out and deny them the sacrament while another bishop in a different diocese will let the politician who lives there receive. I guess you would have to ask the individual bishops who let them receive why they permit it. It seems a bit odd to me too, but I try not to judge others.

The Church and the people and bishops in it have been acting much the same way for 2000 years in my opinion. There have always been powerful people who appeared to do questionable things but weren’t publicly denounced by some bishop. Also, we need to remember that we do not know what a particular person might be saying in confession, or to whom they confess. We are best off worrying about our own souls and praying for everyone else.

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