Canadian Doctor: 'Baby Isaiah's Status As Human Is On Trial In Canada'

By Thaddeus M. BaklinskiWINNIPEG, Manitoba, February 25, 2010 ( - A Canadian doctor has stated in an editorial in the Winnipeg Free Press that the controversy surrounding the fate of Baby Isaiah May is ignoring the fundamental issue at stake - the status of the child as a human…

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How can someone simply redefine what humans are?

Can we also later define who is alive and who is dead?

If he is still growing is it not possible that he could gain consciousness?

Here's a link to a thread right here in the CAF Prayer Intentions section of the forum where people are praying for Baby Isaiah:


IMHO this is not a right to life issue.

While, I think the doctor is right. This is not a question of whether the baby is human. It is asking if the baby is alive or just a pile of organs being kept alive by artificial processes.
"All that really matters, to be blunt, is if Isaiah is dead or alive."
These decisions are made everyday all over the world. It usually a tough call whether or when you’re going to pull the plug. It is 10x harder when it is a child. I know because my wife and I came within minutes of being put into that spot. And while we were spared that anguish, we were still in the ICU, another child followed ours a couple days latter. We saw first hand what a gut wrenching process making these decisions become because, that child’s parents were not as fortunate.

But, if nothing can be done to revive a brain that is not functioning and for all intents and purposes will never function… that is without divine intervention then, the call is going to have to be made. Nothing can keep someone alive on a machine forever. This is why there are ethics boards in hospitals not run by the government or the insurance companies but the hospital staff and consultants. If they are doing their jobs properly, evaluating the test results and previous case histories, their determinations will carry a lot of weight on what the next step needs to be. They may appear, at least to an outsider, as heartless bureaucrats trying only to save the hospital money. The reality is they don’t want to kill anyone.

I also believe that no parent worth their salt will ever want to throw in the towel. They will fight and argue with all their strength to try just one more test, one more procedure. They will go to court trying at least in their minds to stop the hospital from killing their baby. This is all too human and real to me.

But what I find aggravating are media types butting into a very personal and heart breaking situations for any family, exploiting it for what …politics or just money?

Yes we need to pray because that is all that is left at times. And remember to thank God for not putting you into those parents shoes.

Thank you for the kindness of your prayers.

If you have in fact visited the CAF prayer thread for Baby Isaiah, you will notice a link to a Facebook Page set up for the same thing … asking prayers for Baby Isaiah. And if you visit the Facebook Page, you will see that his parents welcome snail mail and e-mail correspondence, even publicly furnishing the address of where they’re currently staying.

This is hardly a case of so-called “aggravating media types butting in.”

This is a case of a family wanting and needing support … and yes, pro-life support, as this situation is a matter of life and death, and the family wants to choose life.

Yours “for life,”
~~ the phoenix

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