Canadian driver changes his gender to female on paper to get cheaper car insurance rate


Next on his agenda, taking his birth certificate to the bar on “Ladies Night” and demanding half price drinks…


What will likely come about at some point in the future is that insurance companies will simply eliminate the coverage differences, with the result of course that women will pay higher rates. We’re already seeing boys-claiming-to-be-girls dominate in athletic contests; this is not working out well for the gals. It will be interesting to see how the feminists and the transgenderists work this out. Reality can only be ignored for so long, and then there is a reckoning.


Don’t birth certificates state sex? It only makes sense to speak of gender when a persons sense of self doesn’t match their sex.


‘Ladies Nights’ should be illegal since it is clearly sex discrimination. It’s one of the many pieces of evidence that feminists are untrustworthy frauds. They don’t mind any discrimination that benefits them.


Women usually get better rates in car insurance because in general they are a lower risk. Similarly, experienced drivers with clean driving records pay less than new drivers.

Not everyone pays the same in car insurance.


He could win at ladies wrestling.


Never happen.

Too many men are more than happy to go to bars full of tipsy women.


Mine states “sex” but I understand some other states use “gender.”

On medical forms sometimes I see boxes for both sex and gender separately too.


Already done in the EU.


In my state, males under 26 pay much higher rates than women of the same age.
So we will probably see this happening here.


He could’ve saved that much by switching to Geico?!?!?!


I’ve been told I’m an old soul.
Can I change my legal birth date?


I’ve been told I’m not mature for my age. Maybe I can change my birth year to one that’s more appropriate? Like… oh, 1998?


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