Canadian Junior Hockey Team Involved in Fatal Bus Crash

Those of us with ties to the larger hockey community are all devastated to hear of this crash last night. There are 15 fatalities, and 14 in the hospital.

Please keep these players and their families and community in your prayers.

Also, on a personal note, I am gratified that both President Trump and Vice President Pence expressed their condolences.


Heading for a game…something that those kids must have been enjoying and looking foward to.

All our prayers for those kids and their families.

Yes, it’s so very sad. The hockey community is a close family. Prayers for all affected by this tragedy.

Yes, please continue to keep Humboldt in your prayers. I’m heartbroken for this town. I have a teen son who plays high school hockey. This is really hits close to home.

I thought this pastor’s message was poignant.

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