Canadian PM: Catholic Should Be Allowed to Be Monarch

The Conservative government has voiced its support for rewriting 310-year-old rules about who can become king or queen of Canada, Britain and the 14 other Commonwealth countries now reigned over by Elizabeth II.


That is one of the most funny traditions of England. The King may be a Mislim, Sikh, Budhist, but not a Catholic.

It is a silly law, but I do not buy into absolute primogeniture, so if one cannot have Catholics remaining in line to the throne without also denying a prince kingship in favor of his sister (like what has happened in Sweden), I would rather just keep the Act of Settlement. And even if a Catholic became King of the U.K., he would still be Supreme Governor of the Church of England unless the church were to be disestablished.

The monarchy is a joke. If anything it’s a mark of distinction that Catholics are ineligible. Even if the legal ban were repealed how could a Catholic serve as head of the CofE?

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