Canadian PM Justin Trudeau doesn't recall groping reporter


Well this story certainly raised a few eyebrows today.

#metoo movement “leader”, abortion advocate, and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau involved in an old “gropegate”.

Hopefully the media won’t do the two-month long nightly Stormy Daniels thing here too.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau doesn’t recall groping reporter

By Ryan Gaydos | Fox News July 3, 2018

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he didn’t “remember any negative interactions” on the day in 2000 when he’s accused of groping a reporter at a festival in British Columbia.

Allegations against Trudeau re-surfaced last week when a Calgary law professor posted a picture of an article claiming the then-teacher engaged in inappropriately “handling” a reporter. The story didn’t have a byline.


. . . . “I’m sorry,” Trudeau allegedly told the woman at the time. “If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.” . . .




It is almost impossible to affirm Trudeau just could not recall this.

Breitbart (via CBC’s Robyn Urback) did a very good job explaining that WHY this would be a calculated response from Trudeau.

In an opinion column by CBC’s Robyn Urback titled, “Trudeau has boxed himself in with his own zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct,” the Canadian prime minister is skewered for his response to the allegation.

Urback writes:

If the allegation is false (CBC News continues to investigate the claim) Trudeau doesn’t really have the option, from a political perspective, to say so.

In the current climate, denying the claim is akin to saying, “She’s lying,” which is a taboo phrase for the leader of a government that has made believing women central to its approach to sexual misconduct allegations.

If the allegation is true, on the other hand, Trudeau can’t simply explain, apologize and attempt to move on. It would look like he afforded himself leniency that he’d denied to members of his caucus who were accused of misconduct.

So the prime minister is stuck: he can’t confirm or deny. As a result, his office opted for the most unsatisfactory of all possible responses, telling the National Post that Trudeau does not recall any “negative interactions” in Creston during that time. In other words, Canada’s highest-profile women’s rights advocate has been stricken by a convenient bout of amnesia.

Portage-Lisgar MP Candice Bergen, a conservative lawmaker from Manitoba, believes Trudeau is being dishonest in claiming he does not recall the incident.

“Either Trudeau groped this woman and he needs to own up to it and live up to his own standard , or he didn’t and he should state that,” Bergen tweeted with a link to Urback’s column. “Saying he doesn’t remember doesn’t pass his own test.” . . .

. . . . Both critics and allies of Trudeau see his handling of the allegation problematic as a leader of the #MeToo movement. . . .

(Bold mine)

Portage-Lisgar MP Candice Bergen, a conservative lawmaker from Manitoba, believes Trudeau is being dishonest in claiming he does not recall the incident.

I think someone like Trudeau seems to be (at least to me), would just rationalize this away and assert that he did not say he had no recall of the event. He just can’t recall any “negative interactions” that day (which in and of itself is worrisome. Wasn’t THIS “negative”?).

It just depends upon what your definition of “is” is.


Hey oop, politicians behaving badly with women. How surprising, Jaques Chirac is my favourite in that regard. It got so ridiculous with his parade of mistresses and so forth that one cartoonist in the UK used to draw strips of him as the ‘whoremaster general of France’ and ‘Lothario in chief’ and stuff like that in a particularly surrealistic style with Chirac dressed in a leopard skin posing pouch and so forth.


I do not find Justin Trudeau appealing.

I don’t find him trustworthy.


He’s a young man who apparently saw virtue in another world leader taking about how if you are famous, its both expected and acceptable that you “grab them by the [expletive]”.


Remember to think before posting,
Trump’s quote wasn’t from 20+ yrs ago
Were you trying to implicate Clinton?

You are also doing a dishonest job in citing what Trump said.


How does this make him different from Trump. Trump brags about being able to grope women.


Trumps said groupies had such low standards, they would allow it.
Maybe Justin was an example


Just saying that you would have to be a real moral degenerate to proudly announce that you can molest groupies.


Of that is not what he said, but nice try.


we are talking 18 years ago i thought.
this didn’t happen yesterday.


Hereiam (speaking about Trudeau) . . .

He’s a young man who apparently saw virtue in another world leader taking about how if you are famous, its both expected and acceptable that you “grab them by the [expletive]”.


What young man back in the year 2000 (when Trudeau allegedly carried this possible act of molestation out) would that be Hereiam? Who is it?


Lean to make friends with facts, and the truth.
Read the transcript.


How ironic.


Trump never talked of groupies, and the specific women that were talked about hardly seemed to be groupies.
He never talked about standards. It is actually funny to suggest that he would regard a woman who let him grab her as having low standards. Think about it.


Yes, he did talk of celebrity fans, which are “groupies”. He mocked them.

No, he didn’t admit to doing what you wish he had said.

His only confession in the transcript was claiming to have kissed without getting prior consent.

Stop posting links without actually reading them


He talked of women much more broadly including the married woman who resisted his advances.
He boasted that stars could get away with grabbing; you may like to say that he was restricting his comments to a certain group of women for whom that you may think are properly objectified in that way, but he made did not, in fact, make any such restriction.

That is your gloss, but not at all clear form the transcript. It is equally arguable that he delighted about the privileges associated with of his stardom.

Stop making false accusations.


Excusing or supporting Creeper Trump, while excusing his immorality because of the indiscretions of others is absolutely shameless!


No. He never did. He described his actions.

He never said anything to the effect, “I’m famous and women come on to me”

HE moved on like a female dog.

HE needed a TicTac because HE couldn’t refrain from kissing the actress. HE could do these things because he was famous.

No groupies.

That’s a conspiracy made up here.


i remember the 60 Minutes interview with Bill and Hillary Clinton when he was running for president and they were there to address the Gennifer Flowers affair of
how many years 12 i believe. hillary is doing her famous line about standing by her man and this huge tv light came crashing down and could have killed her.
i always thought that was God warning them against telling lies.
fortunately, no one was hurt, but it could have been the end of both their careers.

somehow, in spite of all the sexual allegations against him (and his denials)
the democrats elected him to 2 terms.

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