Canadian PM marches in Pride Day parade

How is this tacit demonstration by this Catholic PM send the message that the HS lifestyle is wrong? Catholics recall that they must substantiate their beliefs by outward examples. Baptism obligates the person will not arbor personal beliefs in opposition to Catholic principles.

The fact that Trudeau hasn’t been excommunicated shows what a state the Church in Canada is. I mean this is the same church that approved of contraception in 1968 in rebellion against Pope Paul VI so it’s not too surprising but it’s still depressing.

One thing I can guarantee you is that gay pride parades are never depressing, but quite the opposite. I’ve never seen so many people have fun.

I believe Mr. Trudeau is a well known liberal who has wishes of implementing strict “hate speech” legislation which would most likely be used against Christians.

What a shame about that. :frowning:

You’re selecting for the group of people who agree with the gay agenda and only counting their subjective emotional state. I can do the same thing: See these guards from Auschwitz in 1944? Look at how happy they are! I have never seen so many people have so much fun. Just ignore people who disagree with the Nazi agenda and what they might think about the matter.

Oh, Canada (pardon the pun) is an interesting case study. They have some good, orthodox prelates (Marc Ouellet comes to mind), but they also have a long history of dissent and eccentric behaviour. And by Newton’s Third Law (:D), they also have given rise to some of the most rabid and vituperative “traditionalist” bloggers out there. It’s a sad and vicious circle. :frowning:

Agreed. :frowning:

I don’t think that the people taking part in the parade exterminated several million Jews.

I feel sad that the PM took part in the parade. I’m not Canadian, but I don’t like the example viewed by young people. I would not be surprised soon to see our Christian President Obama serving as the Grand Marshall of a Gay Pride Parade. It is probably the only thing left that can top allowing transvestites into the armed forces.

I am doubting that gay marriage is the only thing that Trudeau supports that the Church opposes. I am not Canadian and don’t follow Canadian politics outside of what is widely reported in the United States, but this does not surprise me at all as he has a reputation as a very liberal politician. I don’t know without looking up his position on the matter but I would bet a hefty sum that he supports abortion and/or euthanasia as well. It’s not like we don’t have politicians here in the U.S. like this as well. The Church doesn’t seem too concerned about high-profile Catholics that publicly oppose Church doctrine so I try to just ignore them and simply state the truth if someone asks how they can be good Catholics yet support opposing stances on these issues (they can’t).

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