Canadian police kill terror suspect who was being monitored


(CNN)Police shot and killed a 24-year-old man they say was in the final stages of a terror attack targeting a Canadian urban center during rush hour, authorities said Thursday.

The suspect, with whom police were familiar from past terror investigations, was identified as Aaron Driver, said Mike Cabana, deputy commissioner of federal policing for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Driver was killed Wednesday outside his sister’s home in Strathroy, Ontario, just after entering a cab around 4:30 p.m., Cabana said. Police engaged Driver, who detonated an explosive device inside the cab, injuring the driver, he said.

It’s unclear if Driver, who was wearing a backpack, was carrying the explosive on his body or elsewhere, said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Strachan, commanding officer of the Ontario division.

Police believe Driver was planning to stage an attack within 72 hours, Cabana said.


Thank God the RCMP were able to act in time…


Driver’s former lawyer, Leonard Tailleur, said he was “shocked” to hear his former client was allegedly planning to carry out a suicide bombing on a major Canadian city.

“There was no indication of violence whatsoever,” Tailleur said. “He was a very passive individual. I can say he was probably one of the best clients I ever had.”

Michelle Falk, a human rights professional in Winnipeg … added that Driver had no previous convictions and his Twitter statements in support of ISIS are protected as free speech.

What did Aaron Driver say about ISIS on Twitter? I don’t know. I suspect that it was different from what Aaron Driver’s former lawyer said about Aaron Driver, but I don’t actually know.

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