Canadian prime minister delivers scathing critique of UN failures

Martin delivers scathing critique of UN failures

**Martin used his speech to call for UN reform, describing the UN’s Commission on Human Rights as having “a serious credibility problem”…

Martin, among the last of the 150-plus world leaders to speak at the UN over three days, said “empty rhetoric” must be replaced by “concrete results”…

“A Canadian idea now belongs to the world,” Martin told reporters referring to an initiative highlighting the UN’s responsibility to protect threatened people and prevent genocides.

The doctrine “essentially says that if Rwanda occurred today that the United Nations would act,” he said, referring to the genocide in the African country that took an estimated 800,000 [now 3 million] lives in the mid-1990s.

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The prime minister said “empty rhetoric” must be replaced by concrete results. “Failure to reform the United Nations is not an option.”

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