Canadian Traditional Catholic Resources

Can some please supply with me Canadian Traditional Catholic sites, podcasts, Youtube channels &c.? I want more Canadian content, as opposed to a lot of the US content I keep getting. I just found Marian Devotional Movement’s Youtube channel, I don’t know how Traditionalist it is, but it’s Our Lady of the Cape and I like that. Does anyone know of any other channels, sites and the like?

I guess Anglo-Papist and UK Traditional Catholic sites and podcasts would also suffice.

I’m sure people will forward any they find. Here is a link to Una Voce Canada

However, the vast majority of English speaking resources are going to be from the United States.

While Catholicism is a minority religion in the US, the United States is the 4th largest Catholic population in the world. Plus, it’s the largest English speaking Catholic population by far.

Ultimately, what’s most important is whether the information is orthodox or not. Not where it comes from. When I find good English materials from any English speaking country, I appreciate it.

God Bless

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