Canadian Troops arrive in Latvia to lead NATO Mission against Russia
Canadian soldiers have landed in Latvia as part of Operation Reassurance – a multinational NATO mission aimed not at starting a conflict, but at discouraging Russian aggression in the region.
Nearly 100 Edmonton-based troops arrived in the Latvian capital of Riga on Saturday, eager to get to work after their long flight.
“We’ve been training a long time,” one Canadian soldier told CTV News. “We want to be here and Latvia wants us here and so we are happy to be here.”

In total, Canada is deploying 450 troops to lead a battlegroup comprised of soldiers from five other NATO countries: Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovenia and Albania. Those countries will contribute up to 1,500 soldiers to the battlegroup in an effort to send a powerful message of deterrence to Russia.
“The enhanced forward presence is going to provide the defence of Latvia, the Baltics, and all of NATO,” battlegroup commander Lieutenant-Colonel Wade Rutland told reporters on Saturday in Latvia.
It’s a different kind of mission for the Canadian Forces, with an unusual definition of success.
“It’s a bit of a funny mission success criteria, that if nothing happens, we’ll all go home happy,” Rutland added.
The troops will be stationed at Camp Adazi, a Latvian military base just outside of Riga.


Trudeau won’t bomb ISIS, but wants to saber rattle with Russia right in their back yard. And then he wants to play hard-ball the only country capable of protecting Canada from Russia, particularly our far-reaching arctic territorial claims. Lol.

I would say I hope he gets voted out in 2019, but I still honestly cannot fathom how anybody would vote for this guy in the first place.


Anyway I would like to see that. Good that they take more responsibility in NATO.

Don’t know what Putin would think though about their army.

Why would a globalist oppose fanatics on a mission to destroy Western civilization when he can stand up to a majority white and Christian nation?

This is basically my opinion on Trudeau, he is a globalist puppet sent to replace Harper (who wasn’t lock-step with the globalist agenda like Trudeau and still cared for Canadians), so I don’t get too stymied by his ridiculous positions. But he seems like a half-way intelligent man who actually believes what he enacts as the putative head of government, so I still don’t like him.

He at least isn’t Islamophobic nor does he back down when facing Donald Trump. He stands his ground.

I do respect him standing up to the environmentalist nutjobs and approving pipelines. I have to give him that.

I am sorry… what?

Maybe this was bigger news out west

I’m fully aware he approved the pipeline, but I seriously don’t think it is necessary. Oil-free is the future, and I as a Citizen of Canada will hold him to that.

“oil-free” would be a fundamental transformation of our society that goes beyond solar panels and batteries.

But it’s better then Trump’s Fear mongering and Climate Change denial.

Trump is the only notable politician these days who sticks up for the little guy and the forgotten American. I really admire the guy. God bless him.

The thing with the Paris treaty is that either 1. The world is really in peril and such an agreement is necessary or 2. The treaty is infallible and can’t be re-negotiated so as to be more fair to Americans. Both of these positions are taken by the liberal media, yet both are contradictory. Either the treaty can be re-negotiated as Trump wants, or the world is not really in peril and global warming hysteria is just that.

I’ll ask you this. Please be honest with yourself.

  1. Do you honestly believe that Trump is a Christian, on his 3rd wife, refused to pay many of his workers, calls people names and mocks others, wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a plan that will HURT MILLIONS of the poorest Americans. Where in the bible does it say any of the above is right?

  2. What has he done to “stick up for the little guy and the forgotten America”?

  3. How is the Paris Agreement unfair for anyone?

  4. Other Countries have already said they aren’t renegotiating. The rest of the world, I assume agrees. Even NORTH KOREA is in the Paris Agreement!

  1. Yes I believe he is a Christian. His wife Melania is a Catholic and I pray often for his conversion to the true faith. His interview on EWTN before the election gives me enough evidence that he has a relationship with God.

Men who are rich and powerful like Trump have to fight women off with a stick, and men are notoriously prone to sexual sins (cf. King David). He has raised a great family despite his marital struggles.

  1. Watch some Hannity or Tucker Carlson to see examples of this, or follow him and Mike Pence on twitter. Just for starters, he has taken away the stranglehold of the EPA which routinely screws over the little guy out in the sticks with ridiculous regulations.

  2. Trump went into this during his announcement. The Paris agreement is a huge wealth transfer and totally unfair to Americans. It’s pure communism.

  3. Of course the rest of the world disagrees. The deal doesn’t hurt them like it would America.

I am going to bow out of this thread now. Once you are convinced of the glory of Trump and his reign through seeking out fair and balanced news sources like the excellent Fox News shows Hannity and Tucker Carlson tonight, I encourage you, as a fellow Canadian, not to publicly admit this. None of my friends know what a devotee I am of Emperor Trump, and I like it that way. Better to have friends than to be right.

Hannity and Carlson are in NO WAY Fair and “Balanced”!

You dodged 2-4 of my questions. Don’t say: look for this, look for that, give actual proof.
EG: Bible Quote, concrete proof Donald Trump has successfully implemented a policy that has helped the poorest American, Where in the Paris Agreement is the part that hurts America ETC.

I disagree. Tucker Carlson is the fairest and most balanced pundit on television.

I’m not here to convince you on this forum. I only ask you consider the possibility that Trump is the best president since Reagan (which he is) by seeking out more fair and balanced sources like Fox News, Drudge Report and instead of the destroy Trump fake news alt-left media.

From a Catholic standpoint, he isn’t.

Look at all the Social Security stuff he wants to cut (All things that directly and indirectly help the poorest Americans)

Melanie is likely Catholic, but culturally so given where she comes from. She grew up in a period where been outspokenly or openly Catholic was discouraged in Yugoslavia. She likely was baptized though as part of family tradition as happens in many places in Europe and elsewhere where Catholicism is the primary or major faith. She may of course yet embrace her faith more fully and it would be great if she did.

As to Russia been a majority white and Christian nation I suspect as of yet I am the only poster on this thread who has actually lived there. Those statements are both true and untrue. The majority of Russians would be considered white from an American standpoint, however there are also millions who would not and there is a large minority Muslim populace and even in some remote areas pagan worshippers still, although the latter are small groups indeed. It is Christian to a point but most Russians are not overly knowledgeable about the teachings of the Orthodox Church and it is more a part of the culture after so many centuries than something that people are as individuals well informed about. It forms a cultural component of the Russian identity but many Russians embrace the Church because it is now considered a sign of patriotism or ‘cool’. A minority embrace it from true belief, of course the same could be same of how Catholicism operates in some nations also.

Latvia is perceived by many Russians as an area where Nazi collaboration was exceptionally high and that is well remembered there. It is also perceived as an ingrate by many older Russians as are the other Baltic republics.

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