Canadian University threatens to Silence Professor Protesting Genderless Pronouns


As Canada considers regulating gender expression by law and concerning calls for people to use pronouns such as “ze” and “hir” instread of “he” and “she,” this professor has responded with great criticism in videos and otherwise. His university has threatened him because of his criticism, and students and other people at the university have called his criticism of such a requirement “unacceptable, disturbing and painful.” “There’s no way I’m going to use words made up by people” trying to control us in such a way, he has said.


It. That’s what I’m going to start calling people so these little snowflakes don’t wet themselves with their gender-bender dumbassery


Well good on him I guess. I mean I don’t have anything against my trans pals of course? But please don’t force-feed us complications or else I swear I’ll make my own pronouns and make you say them instead. :wink:


Kind of surprising to hear this from a psych prof.
Anyway, there has been much updating on this story in the last month, since the story you linked to was published:

The claims made by University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson on the impact of anti-discrimination legislation are scientifically and legally wrong, a debate at the Toronto university heard on Saturday.**
The debate was organized by the university following weeks of controversy on campus over Dr. Peterson’s refusal to use non-gender-specific pronouns when addressing students. Over a series of YouTube videos and on social media, Dr. Peterson has argued that human rights legislation which bans discrimination on the basis of gender identity or gender expression is a form of political correctness…



Wish all the teachers would join him.


I’ve been following this man for a while now. He’s awesome and I stand firmly behind him


From the article:
"In a phone interview with The Daily Signal, Peterson said he has no problem with addressing people “as whatever gender they appear to be presenting themselves as.”

What Peterson takes issue with, however, is the Canadian government potentially forcing him to speak in a manner that reflects a particular ideology, such as using the genderless pronouns “zie” or “hir.”

“The law should be very careful when it mandates what people have to say,” Peterson said, adding:

That’s the fundamental issue here. The mistake of this legislation is, it’s an attempt to force people to utter certain words that are not of their choosing. There’s a big difference between being required to not say something, and being required to say something. It’s a different category of law. One is closing your mouth. The other one is putting a hand inside you and forcing you to be a puppet."


Hmmm. It is worth maybe losing your job over though? I would avoid by stealth


Yeah, it is. Otherwise in a few years it’ll be worse. Fair play to him if he’s willing to sacrifice his career to stand up for free speech and free thought. As a teacher myself, I would object to being forced to refer to someone by an invented pronoun. What business has the state to regulate speech?


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