Canadians happier, healthier, wealthier than U.S

The numbers are in. Compared to the U.S., we work less, live longer, enjoy better health and have more sex. And get this: now we’re wealthier too.
…But it turns out that while they’ve been out conquering the world, here in Canada we’ve been quietly working away at building better lives. While they’ve been pursuing happiness, we’ve been achieving it.**

…“The pursuit of happiness is ingrained in Americans as part of what it means to be an American,” Bibby says. “But in Canada, happiness is almost something of a by-product of coexisting peacefully.”

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:eek: Oh no! You have now opened a pandora’s box.:eek:

First argument will be that MacLean’s is a leftist magazine!

Second argument would be that Canadians are not intelligent enough to realize fi they are happy!

Methinks, we will be hearing ‘anti-Canadian’ comments here…:rolleyes:

Hey now, I like Canada and Canadians. Having grown up in Western New York in the Buffalo area near the border, I enjoyed radio and tv stations from both my country and yours. Back in the days when tv stations would play the national anthem before going off the air in the middle of the night, I would happily listen to both the Star-Spangled Banner and O Canada. :slight_smile: :thumbsup: :cool:

But one thing I will say. I gotta go with the Buffalo Sabres when it comes to hockey. :smiley:

Things to love about Canada:

  1. Bubbly AERO Bars.
  2. Red Rose Tea.
  3. Swiss Chalet.
  4. Tim Horton’s.
  5. the great outdoors …

~~ the phoenix

Does more sex mean more children?

I like Denmark better…

see this post:

Buffalo Sabres? No way. Montreal Canadians USED to be the best!:cool:

But I love the Cleveland Indians, now, they are the best!:thumbsup:

Not here…we have birth control, and of course abortion!:frowning:

Now, there are the french (not Quebec french:mad: ) who have large families :smiley: and proud of it!:wink:

Actually, for some reason, the online version doesn’t have all the statistics in an easy to read column.

But the stats show that Canadians have sex more often, have more sexual partners, but the STD rate is lower and teen pregnancy is lower as well.

Hi Shoshana,

Well now, you’re a bigger baseball fan than I am. As far as baseball, my grandfather has always been a Toronto Blue Jays fan. His logic was, even though he lived in New York State, Toronto was closer than New York City.

BTW, I edited my post to include a short list of things to love about Canada. There are more, of course. Consider me a fan. :slight_smile:

Things to love about Canada:

  1. Bubbly AERO Bars.
  2. Red Rose Tea.
  3. Swiss Chalet.
  4. Tim Horton’s.
  5. the great outdoors …

~~ the phoenix

but I think the abortion is higher…

What are Aero bars in the U.S. if they aren’t bubbly?

Probably less bubbly or something - or maybe they just don’t have 'em there (which would be so sad).

How’s this for a paradox - Australians are at one and the same time the second-fattest nation on earth behind the US and the second longest-lived behind Japan. Go figure!

Maybe it’s the alcohol? Who knows?

That is not a good thing. Actually, it is quite sad for Canada.

Honestly, I have no interest in what secularists consider to be “happiness”. Only a righteous life is truly fulfilling in the end.

We may not have them - or more likely we don’t have them easily available (you can get just about anything somewhere in the United States). This is my guess because I have never seen one and, actually, did not know what one was prior to this.

Did you even read the article? Do you even know what your talking about, we also kill each other less than Americans do…is that what you call a righteous society…you kill each other more?
You have more people with STD’s**…is that righteous?

Your citizens have way more personal debt…more than double…is that happiness?

You work more, you spend less time with family and friends…is that happiness?
You have less meals at home with family…is that happiness? How can a secular society ( as you say) value a family meal more than an American…hmmmmm.**

What are you even talking about???

Canada co-existing peacefully? What exactly would they have to not do that?

Become America’s 51st State. :wink:

You couldn’t take it as an ugly American.

Are you finished being needlessly reactionary?

I quoted what I was referring to - specifically having many sexual partners. That is immoral and it is very sad. It does not bring happiness.

Also, I made no direct comparison to the US, which is also dominated by secularism.

Please read carefully before responding in the future.

The entire thread is related to Canada vs U.S., so yes, I read your post in context.

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