Cancel Culture?

How do you feel about cancel culture?

I’m agin’ it.


Oh, good grief. Somebody seems to have forgotten all about all the boycott calls from the right over alleged “persecution.”
“Boycott Starbuck’s! They’re persecuting Christians by having a plain red holiday cup!!”

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Boycotts are different from cancel culture and here’s why.

The phrase “cancel culture” started because there was a rash of cancellations of scheduled conservative speakers on college campuses.
These cancellations were driven by students who couldn’t bear to hear an alternate opinion.
Mind you, nobody was forcing these kids to go listen—they just couldn’t stand that the speaker was physically on their campus!!!
And sadly, the spineless administrators caved.

It’s spread to other platforms like newspapers and social media platforms.


Yes, in the British gulag Christians are only allowed out under the supervision of a trained Socialist such as myself. We are required to lock up Christian family members overnight and report their movements. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It becomes complicated because social media is generally privately owned companies.

And the people who get cancelled, generally conservative leaning, tend to respect the idea of private business and less government intervention.

Classic catch 22

Exactly. The difference is that boycott, one person takes himself or herself ‘out of the picture’ usually with refusing to buy something from a store… It is a personal choice, even if one asks others to ‘join the boycott’.

Cancel culture however is not a person refusing to buy something from a store—it is asking for the store itself to be taken down or closed so that NOBODY can get anything from said store —to the point that the store will be physically taken apart and monuments set up praising it’s being taken down.


Well, this might be the proper place to ask: “Just what the heck is this cancel culture??” Because I have no idea what it is supposed to mean.

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It seems to have started with demands that speaking engagements at universities be cancelled for wrongthink, and spread to general demands to silence or fire those with politically incorrect views from speaking or expressing themselves elsewhere.

It’s usually, but not always, the left trying to cancel the non-left or not-left-enough,.

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Interesting and thank you.

I never met anyone who would be as politically incorrect (and loud about it) as I am but I was never bothered by anyone because of it… except on this board. :slight_smile: It seems that as soon as anyone dares to say anything that is not 100% orthodox or is against the “very stable genius”, the flags start to flow, and the “offending” views are deleted. Especially if those posts are correct and truthful. :wink:

Thanks again. Live and learn, I guess.

I first heard the term “politically correct” from the left, not the right.

It was being in approval of a movie with a hard-left theme.

The middle and center took the term and mocked the creators with it.

It’s absurd. Anyone that thinks Flannery O’Connor was a racist, clearly hasn’t read her work. Woke is broke.

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