‘Canceled’ radical feminists and the Catholic Church

: These unlikely allies believe women are female.



Politics makes strange bedfellows. I think sometimes people of very different viewpoints need to put their differences aside to work on a common cause. The radical feminist Andrea Dworkin said this in her book on “right-wing women.” She believed that radical feminists and right-wing women could work together to fight pornography.

Right now, radical feminists are being attacked by transgenderists for their belief that transwomen (men who dress as women) are not women. Lesbian radical feminists are being called transphobes because they refuse to have sex with transwomen (men who dress as women).

It will not be an easy alliance since radical feminists believe in abortion rights and same sex marriage. But it’s possible to work together if both sides are willing to stck to a single issue and not try to debate each other on other issues.

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Some Rad Fems come across as AntiChristian male-hating epitomes of Sexism?

Is that what some believe?

Where are the rest of the feminists regarding the Equality Act, which would destroy girls’ sports by FORCING them to permit boys in their sports competitions?

From the article:

"Fain, along with several other women writers, intellectuals, and activists, have been “canceled” for their conviction that women are adult human females, whose sex-based rights, such as the right to female-only spaces like bathrooms or sports teams or therapy groups, deserve protection.

This view is no longer seen as politically correct by some tastemakers and gatekeepers, because it is “trans-exclusionary” – to hold this view means to hold that a man cannot “become” a woman because he identifies as one, and vice versa.

“…this is not something that you’re supposed to say,” Fain said. “We’re supposed to just blindly accept what anyone says about their own identity, without any critical analysis, without any feminist analysis even. We’re supposed to ignore that sex-based oppression exists and just admit, ‘Oh yes, we are what we say we are and that defines our reality.’"


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