Candace Owens: There Will Be a 'Major Black Exit' From the Democratic Party


Candace Owens: There Will Be a ‘Major Black Exit’ From the Democratic Party

July 5, 2018

Candace Owens said Thursday she believes the Democratic Party will see a “major exit” by black voters leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

The Turning Point USA communications director predicted that black men and women - not white middle-class women - will become the “most relevant vote” in the United States by 2020 because more and more African-Americans are hearing “different ideas” through digital and social media.

“There is going to be a major black exit from the Democrat Party and they are going to actually have to actually compete for their votes in 2020,” Owens said on “Fox & Friends.” . . .

She may very well be correct.

I think you will see President Trump campaigning in areas not typically campaigned in by Republicans in the past as well.


Fact is, it wouldn’t take much of a “black exit” to seriously damage Democrat electoral prospects.


I am not sure what the republicans stand for that would be an improvement. The republicans have become the party of fiscal irresponsibility and crony capitalism. So while they may leave the democrats, I don’t see them becoming republicans. Perhaps a third party will rise up.


I dont buy a thing FakeX news peddles, but if there is an exodus, the momentum of women voters opposed to the Trump GOP will more than make up for it.


That would still benefit the Republicans.


Maybe, maybe not. If the new party believed in markets and fiscal responsibility the new party could do some damage to both parties. That would be the best of all possible worlds.


Any significant exodus of African American voters from the Democrat Party would seriously damage their electoral prospects, no matter where they ultimately land.

I haven’t seen a lot of evidence to support the notion of a mass uprising of women voters against Trump.


Unless, of course an equal number of republicans defected. The only good feature of our current system is that it is pretty easy to get gridlock and anything that reduces the ability of the executive and legislative branches to accomplish things is good.


I haven’t seen a lot of evidence of Trump losing support within the Republican party. In fact, it seems more likely that his support is solidifying or even increasing.


Like I have said, if you believe in markets and fiscal responsibility, the Trump is not your boy.


And you haven’t seen a lot of evidence for a significant exodus of anyone from the Democratic Party.
But, in cotrast to the Democrats, you do see a good bit of public renunciations for the GOP.


Since you are so fond of data etc I’m sure if you take the time you can find similar articles re defection from the Dems


I wonder what Russian troll farm is responsible for all these fake news stories about voters abandoning the Democratic party, because they keep cropping up on this forum, which makes me think they are being steadily consumed by the right wing media sites.

Gallup does regular polls of party affiliation, and the only real news is that both parties are shrinking, but the GOP is shrinking faster.

Independents are gaining numbers, which tracks with my personal experience of leaving the GOP after Kasich was defeated in the primaries and finding myself utterly appalled watching the convention and witnessing what was taking place inside the party.


I did a quick google search. Relatively slim pickings in the first several pages. Governor of West Virginia, a candidate in Nevada. This one popped up first.

If you want data, here is a decent article, albeit early in the times of Trump.


Because Fox News has such razor like insight to the Democrat Party.


I guess we should all prepare for the blue wave coming in November…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, it is a good exit for Black voters to take from the Democrat Party. They seem to see through the phony baloney that was shoved their way for so long. Some of their leaders were not quite what they seemed to be. White voters are having to recognize the same. We need to drain the swamp together.


we do not have open primaries in my state. i had to reregister as a republican to be able to vote in the primaries for the republican candidate i think has the best chance of defeating the democrat candidate running for a certain office.
i had been unaffiliated since December of
i have not been happy with many Republicans within the party - the Bushes,
John McCain, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Grahme and many more.
however, in my state, if i were to register in a third party and be limited in the primaries to vote only for a third party candidate, that is giving a democrat candidate who is not pro-life more of a chance for victory in November.


Hopefully we will have more Republican choices on the ballot in certain areas.


That your job, not ours.

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