Candidate for Confirmation...Such thing as being "too Catholic"?


Hi everyone… I’m a partially-deaf college student who has a strong Pentecostal background, including a baptism back in May of this year (2008).

I am converting to Catholicism and am anticipating every move that the Lord and I make together as I draw closer to finally being able to take in His precious Body and Blood.

I went to our unversity’s Newman Club (Catholic Campus Ministry) Mass this past Saturday, it’s quite upbeat/contemporary but I was so drawn into the worship that I was beginning to cry. Not only that, but I told the Deacon that I just about had to grab my hands because I was about ready to start praising with my hands in sign language, which I normally do when I’m moved by the Holy Spirit to worship Christ deeper. I normally do not sign unless I’m teaching someone sign or am around deaf or am doing a drama ministry.

The Deacon told me (we had gotten in touch over the summer) that he was surprised that I participated in Mass and that I made the Sign of the Cross since most Protestants do not.

There was a young lady who had a mental disability that just made me blubber… She took in the Body of Christ and looked at her dad and said, “It’s Jesus… Jesus!”

That moment I knew just where my heart wanted to go.

I do need prayers since I am a homosexual who is choosing to live a chaste life the best of my ability and with the strength of the Lord and the help of my patron saint, St. Jude Thaddeus.

I do pray my daily Three Hail Marys, and although I don’t pray it as often as I should, the Rosary. I also devoutly use the Sign of the Cross for substitute/word-less prayer and before and after I eat. I am really trying to incorporate more prayer into my life than before when I was in the Pentecostal church.

Sometimes I just feel that I’m floating in the arms of Jesus when I think about my future journey and the day I finally am Catholic. And the thought of the Holy Eucharist just sends me into euphoria that I just can’t describe.

I was just wondering one question though that is beside the title of this post… Is there such thing as being “too” Catholic?


It is very important to do things very deliberately and not just on emotion. Sometimes people in RCIA want things too fast, take it one step at a time.


It’s definitely more than emotion to me… But I do see what you mean by the emotion issue.

I’m taking it day by day… but each day my yearning grows stronger.


No, there is no such thing as being “too” Catholic. Just realize that feelings and strong emotions can come and go, even spiritual feelings. When the feeling subside, you need to have a strong faith in order to persevere to the end. Learn your Catholic faith, and live it in Christ. God bless you.


That’s one thing I never understood about the Pentecostal church was that they were always on the “high” and sometimes I just didn’t have that high or the emotions… and it made me wonder where I was in my walk with God…

But your words (in bold) encourage me to know that even then I wasn’t alone… that my faith carried me through the dark night of the soul and allowed me to experience the Grace and Truth of God.


You sound as if you will make a wonderful Catholic. When we are not experiencing God, we can trust that He is still with us. Keep your enthusiasm. The Holy Spirit will continue to work through you as a Catholic, especially after Confirmation. Welcome to the Catholic Church.


Fervor of faith is a gift from God, though it’s not easy to know what to do with it. :slight_smile: It can be joyful, painful, tired, energizing, Just remember it’s all about Jesus and His loving you, and loving others through you.

Our hearts were made for You, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in you. – St. Augustine

I’d like you to prayerfully consider establishing a COURAGE group in your parish, or cluster of parishes, after you become Catholic.


Thanks Cathryn… All I pray is for the Lord to use me however He desires… “less of me, more of Him” is my motto in life.


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