Candidate for governor to hand out KKK hoods at GOP convention


MILWAUKEE – A Democratic candidate for governor will be making a controversial protest at the annual convention for the State of Wisconsin Republican Party.

Brett Hulsey is a representative from Madison and, according to a Tweet he sent, plans to give his Republican colleagues white Ku Klux Klan hoods.

Hulsey says he made the hoods with his daughter’s sewing machine.


Seems an odd choice, in so far as it was the Democrats, in the form of Nathan Bedford Forest, who founded the KKK.


The Democrat Party is where one would have to go to find KKK hoods.


Political parties change over time. The Democratic Party of today should no more be held accountable for some its members having been KKK members in the past, than the Republican Party of today should be held accountable for many of its rabidly anti-Catholic members in the past.


It is a Democrat who is going to the convention and handing them out.


Hulsey’s action is juvenile and tasteless.


And you’re expecting, what from a liberal… class?

This is pretty stupid though, seems that someone’s not properly associated with history.


Yes, and surely no Democrat would object to this behavior. Except:

The stunt has already provoked criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

Oops, yes they would.


Is he going to hand them out to black republicans as well, or will this be a selective distribution?

I’m just concerned, because we wouldn’t want anyone to be passed over for free goodies on account of the color of their skin.


I just hope someone takes some good pictures of this guy holding a KKK hood and plasters it over the media.


Yep, exactly. This guy has had absolutely no chance of winning the nomination, and he is just trying to stir up media. The actual likely Democratic nominee has, in no uncertain terms, blasted him for his actions.


According to the news link in the first post, the candidate has dropped his plan to hand out KKK hoods. He had encountered opposition from Democrat and Republican officials.

However, the article says he plans on having men dressed as Confederate soldiers at a rally for Gov. Walker.


Isn’t Brett Hulsey a child molester? I read something about him having been arrested for ‘inappropriate contact with a minor’ in Madison Wisconsin or something like that.


I guess Hulsey is kind of an oddball.

The Madison Democrat has had a controversial career, including using his campaign account to pay for an old convertible and register for a triathlon. In June 2012, he pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct after police accused him of flipping a boy off an inner tube and taking pictures of the child at a Madison beach.

Also in 2012, one of his own aides said she was terrified around him because of his behavior.

Last year, it was reported:
An aide to state Rep. Brett Hulsey told police last month she feared for her safety because of the Madison Democrat’s behavior, which included considering bringing a gun to the Capitol even though he doesn’t have a concealed-weapons permit, taking a box cutter to the statehouse on another day and urging the aide to train for self-defense with him.

A week ago, Hulsey said he would not go through with his plan to have a man dressed in a chicken suit show up at every rally for Mary Burke. She is the front runner for the Democratic nomination and refuses to debate him.


This guy sounds like he is running for the “village idiot”.


Once again the reason why I don’t support political parties.


Maybe this guy should shoot for majority leader of the US senate. Wasn’t a recent Democrat majority leader once an imperial wizard of the Klan?




And also, once again the reason why I shouldn’t venture on to racial/political threads on CAF.


You don’t support a political party because one guy wants to hand out KKK hoods? If a teacher at a school does something stupid do you stop supporting all schools?


He may have trouble finding both of them. :smiley:

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