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Hi there I am a candidate and have been in rcia since october, and getting confirmed this easter. My current dilemma I guess, I was a practicing pagan for 20+ years. After family tragedy, I found my way back to God and found myself in the UMC in town. After a month of attending services, I still found an emptiness I suppose and without even going to mass first I went right into rcia and have been attending Sunday mass and obligations regularly. But part of me lately has felt, I don’t know I guess a guilt? Of leaving the UMC. I’m not really sure why.


Greetings Rachel!
May i suggest you request a visit with a priest/pastor? Sometime during your RCIA process you will be required to make a confession before Easter. You may want to consider that sacramental grace before the requirment. If not it would be good to visit with the priest about this.



Meet with the priest or deacon and talk about your worries and what is preventing you from living to the full. What are you looking forward to when you have been received into the Catholic Church?

I had several meetings when I was converting (2 year process) and looking back they helped a lot in making me see me as a Catholic and also what had happened in my working life (I am a teacher and have seen a lot.).

If you have been talking about sin in RCIA then it is common that there are feelings of guilt and being sorry for the sins we have done and what we failed to do. Several of the classes will be on “What is sin?” and “How to prepare for Confession”. Maybe a meeting with the priest will help you prepare for Confession where we are talking about the stuff we prefer to sweep under the rug or keep hidden deep, deep in the looked closet?

Give it a thought. You don’t have to answer here if you don’t want to.


I suppose UMC is the United Methodist Church. I guess part of you misses going there. You feel some guilt that you have abandoned UMC and are switching to the Catholic Church. I guess you could talk to a priest and he can help you understand that while such feelings of guilt can be natural, if you are committed to becoming Catholic, then you can feel confident you have not sinned by leaving UMC, as you have decided that the Catholic church is the better, more authentic, church, you now believe in it.


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