Candidates gear up for Super Tuesday


Here are some good guides:



If it isn’t the front runners, I’ll be floored.


I think this race will come down to Clinton and Trump. I’m not enthused about either candidate, personally.


I don’t know who’s going to win the most delegates tomorrow.


There is at this point no conceivable way it won’t be Hillary or Trump, if the polls tell any truth at all (and so far, they have). I predict a few random surprises (particularly for Bernie), but otherwise nothing unexpected.


Oh I do have one predictio., In Texas, I don’t think any of the Republican candidates will get 50% of the vote and so it will go to a run off primary in May. On the Dem side, I think it’s possible that Clinton won’t get 50% either. Although not a likely as with the Repubs.

I haven’t been following the other states.


How Marco Rubio Could Lose Every State on Super Tuesday and Still Win


It’s amazing how much the establishment wants to say the guy who loses the first 12 states will be the nominee.


To me, if Biden could run and have a governor kasich from Ohio as his running mate. Man that would be an ideal tag team.


But you have to see.

Trump is not really liked by republicans.

Cruz is seen as a sellout.

So their basically going down the bench hoping to find a miracle.


At least none of the Republican candidates are criminals, national security risks or participated in the cover up of the death of Americans. Nor are any of them champions of killing babies from conception to birth.


Didn’t some of the parents of those men and women who died in the Middle East blamed bush and Cheney for going to a war that was not necessary? Are those parents wrong? Or is bush and Cheney guilty of their deaths?


I don’t put much stock in polls, but I think it’d take the force of an F-5 tornado for anyone but Trump or Clinton not to get their respective nominations.

I think Cruz could take Texas, and as Sy pointed out to me, Bernie will probably take Vermont and Oklahoma and a few other states, but it’s going to be Trump and Clinton who are the eventual winners. CNN’s poll today showed that most people who vote for Trump in the primary said they wouldn’t vote for him in the general! I don’t get that! Why vote for him in the primary if you’re not going to vote for him in the general? But as we’ve both said, the polls haven’t been that great.

At one point, I really believed the Republicans would have a brokered convention and Rubio would get the nomination, but it looks more and more like Trump every day.

Well, time will tell.


Is the New York Times’ Nate Cohn, the establishment?


Yes, some parents did and do blame Bush. There were enough mistakes made to go around to everyone who voted for the war. And, in some ways, no one is to blame. These things, tragic as they are, are not predictable. And they are tragic. Think of all the civilians killed. Innocent people who wanted no part of a war.


Don’t know him, so I don’t know, but that article was clearly fonder for the establishment.


In no way am I trying to defend Clinton. You could tell since she ran for senate her intentions were selfish.

My dilemma is this. People want Clinton in jail for mistakes that she did, but these same people did not ask for that with bush, Cheney, and Colin Powell (who was Secretary of State when the Iraq war went on. I just find it ironic.


How is Cruz a sellout?


Haven’t most house and senate republicans walked away from him. They see him as an outsider.


You are correct that most D.C. insiders do not like Cruz. This is because he is uncompromising in his beliefs and willing to fight tooth and nail for constitutional conservatism. I personally feel that makes him more qualified for the job.

Just my take on it.

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