Candle blessing-St. Bosco



I received the blessing on Sunday even though I am not Catholic but am in RCIA. Now I am sick with a fever? Could this have been because I was not supposed to receive the blessing?



No. It is because you were exposed to the flu days earlier. Blessings are not magical charms that are given out to Catholics only; anyone may receive one.


It is St. Blaise, not St. Bosco. And there is no St. Bosco…it’s St. John Bosco.


No Dan…absolutely not. Your sickness doesn’t have anything to do with getting a blessing. God doesn’t work that way…He loves you!


Welcome home dsully. No, your being sick is probably from a cold. It is not because you received a blessing. You have every right to receive the blessing. God bless you on your RCIA process.


Thanks for the encouragement and correction on facts, everyone.


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