Candlemas/Presentation of the Lord/Purification of the BVM

How did your parish or others in your area celebrate this beautiful feast day? Check the boxes in the poll (you can check more than one) and then elaborate in the comments! My own responses will be below.

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We had a Sung Mass (ordinary form) with the music from the Missa de Angelis which included a candle blessing and a procession.

I attended a Mass in the OF with a procession and blessing of candles.

Ordinary form with blessing of candles and procession of candles.

We had a funeral mass. Does this over ride the Presentation of the Lord day and blessings of candles? I think this was unexpected because the bulletin talked about everyone should bring candles in to get blessed but it never happened.

I accidentally set it up wrong. Sorry! I sent a message requesting that an admin fix it. We’ll see.

There was no Mass at our local OF parish but up in Seattle at the FSSP parish there was a High Mass with Procession.

Whoops, I didn’t give my own response.

At my parishes we had 2 Masses (normal for Wednesday) and at the first one, which I wasn’t at, they blessed the candles. Don’t know if there was a procession or any singing. The evening Mass, which I served at, had no singing or procession or blessing (since that had already happened) but we did use the Gloria, Confiteor, and all the readings and a nice homily. We also had three servers.

I served that morning in the Extraordinary Form at the FSSP community, and was thurifer (yay!) for the procession that followed the blessing. Then they had a Sung Mass, and I was the off-to-the-side server because they had 2 experienced EF servers at the altar. (They almost never have Solemn High Masses because there’s no deacon and only one priest there.)

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