Canldes and flowers


We light candles for God and the saints and we offer flowers to them. In celebrating all souls day, many follow the tradition of lighting candles and offering flowers. What do candles and flowers signify?


People say that lighting a candle opens up the spiritual world a lil better & flowers are like an offering. That is all I know.


The candles used in Church… have no powers. They are symbolic of the Light of Christ. Jesus, the Light of the World. In the same way… incense, represents prayer… rising to God. But it has no “power”. To believe so, would be superstitious.

I’m not sure if the flowers have any other symbolic significance than… to honor Our Lord, Our Lady or the Saints… with a beautiful reminder of God’s Creation.

Hope this helps. God bless. :slight_smile:


O yeah, I forgot about that. Just remember hearing stuff about how a candle can react with the spirit world. For 1 I’ve experienced how a candles flame can act different when a spirit is present, which is paranormal.


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