Cannon Law

Where can I go on this site to find out about Cannon Law?
Is there a place on this site where you can just ask a question and be taken to the answer?

I can’t find where you go when I have a question and I don’t see it listed on the side where other topics are. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried typing something about your query into “search forums” above? If there is a specific question try asking an Apologist.

You can read Canon Law here:

Code of Canon Law:

Code of Canons of the Eastern/Oriental Churches:

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Of course, reading the canons, doesn’t necessarily answer questions. :slight_smile: We used New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law, much of it available at that link to googlebooks, in my canon law class. Helpful, but most questions concerning canon law are best handled by canon lawyers.

Thank you 5Loaves. What I’m trying to do is understand/learn all about what the Catholic Church teaches without having to actually buy a Catechism. I have a fully indexed version of the Catechism which consist of 110 pages, but I want to know more to extend my faith in the Catholic Church. Since I haven’t been back for many years my knowledge has disapeared. I have faith, read my bible, but I haven’t actually started going to mass yet.

I guess what it all boils down to is…do I want to remain a catholic, or go back to a non catholic church. I’m pretty sure I want to stay catholic.

I would suggest reading the official Catechism of the Catholic Church as a better way of relearning the Faith than the canon law:

You can click on the different topics to read about them. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that some canon laws have been through interpretations. Just because they may say the sky is blue does not mean that the sky is blue…

I don’t really know where to go for the practical applications…?

For questions and things…come here and post them! Just not all at once…
That’s what we’re here for.

It is well worth noting that that is not the sum total of canon law, merely the “main body”…

Every moto proprio and bull is canon law, tho’ some are superseded.
Every papal right religious order’s rules are canon law.
Every church sui iuris has its particular law, and those are also canon law.
Every Conference of Catholic Bishops can pass particular law, and once approved by Rome, it’s canon law.
Every diocese can have particular law, as well, tho most do not - it’s canon law from promulgation, but is required to be submitted to the head of the sui iuris church for approval before promulgation; in the case of the Roman church, that’s the Pope.

All the assembled canons of the Ecumenical Councils and General Councils are also canon law.

Finally I have what I need a great answer. Thank you Zekariya:)

You could try

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The easiest thing to say is that particular law only applies within whatever level issues it. If you neither attend nor are a member of a given level’s faithful, you needn’t worry about their canon law.

Laymen never have to directly deal with the rules of the various orders unless and until they join them or are in parishes run by them.

Which leaves the Bulls and Moto Proprio letters… Most of the ones not already included are online at, under papal letters.

And Ruthenian particular Law for the US Metropolia is online over at

I have seen no commentaries upon it online… and the one JCD/JCOD we know has been defrocked…

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